Monday, November 12, 2012


hi..whats up?ohisashiburiiii..
how much i miss this blog? it`s been a year i have not write anything..
well, this is the first time i write his blog in japaann..
yess, hmm.. now i live in kami city, kochi - shikoku island.
yes, very faaaaaaaaarrr away from tokyo.huhu..
but its okay. i enjoy being here.. eventhough i have some problems with,, language..
hmm.. never mind then..  i will try my best to learn japanese.. hehehe...
i wonder if there are some concerts held in kochi..hahaha..
i wanna see a concert! live ofcourse, not streaming from a website or something.huhuhu..
well, mucc, lynch, deathgaze is the most i want to see.. come to kochi pleasee? hahaha...
well, sorry for the random rants.. i just did not know what to write or talk about.. hehehe..
one day i will update more bands profile on this blog =)
i have to search many new good bands! geezzz, i have been out of date for about what? 4 years!!! can`t believe it..
 there must be many good bands had been formed. .
well, okay ganbarimasu! i will try to fid something new, a fresh band profile to be updated.hihi..
 ja ne.. see u next time..