Saturday, September 27, 2014

[PLAYLIST] saturday night songs

It's saturday night! 
Let's dance! v(^_^v)♪

1. LM.C - my favorite monster
2. LM.C - dolce vitter
3. LM.C - edo funk
4. LM.C - chemical king twoon
5. LM.C - Boon!
6. The Mad LM.C - mad or die
7. LM.C - super duper galaxy
8. LM.C - punky heart
9. LM.C - let me crazy
10. LM.C - bell the cat

[PLAYLIST] today's song


Since my notebook is broken and under reparation, so I couldn't update much. But, today I want to post My playlist songs :D

1. Siva - Riot
2. Since1889 - fake
3. UNSRAW - under the skin
4. Dali - shit parade
5. ClearVeil - the future of despair
6. CELLT - night doll
7. ClearVeil - cold prey
8. Matenrou opera - Alkaloid showcase
9. Phantasmagoria - gensoukyouku eternal silence
10. Chariots - 独
11. Blood - i remember you
12. Rentrer en soi - full moon
13. GPKISM - barathrum
14. Attic - dramatic
15. Hide with spread beaver - rocket dive
16. Hide - pink spider
17. D'espairsRay - Gothic
18. MUCC - daikirai
19. Duel jewel - aishuu melancholia
20. 176BIZ - 赤眼
21. Suicide ali - ningen no kaname

Feeling nostalgic? Me too!! XD

Those songs were from 10-15 years ago :lol:

Monday, September 15, 2014

[COLLECTION] My vkei stuff

These 2 years in Japan, I collect several albums, singles, dvd concerts and magazines..

Actually i want to buy more but..
Not enough budget haha xD

Deluhi - Vandalism album

Yoshiki - classical

Lynch. - Ballad

Deathgaze - dead blaze

Lynch. - i believe in me

D'espairsRay - Monster

Deluhi - revolver blast

Acid Black Cherry - Tour 2012 

D - tsuki no ...

D - dark wings

I'll post the detail of each DVD/CDs later :D
I even have not open it yet xD

Magazines?? I'll upload later :D

Friday, September 5, 2014


my first, japanese band I knew beside X japan and Yellow Monkey.. hehe..

However, I prefer their old songs.. :D

My favorite song from laruku.. such a beautiful song >_< 

I wish

I'm so happy

Hitomi no jyuunin

Caress of venus

Vivid colors

Winter Fall

my fav. song too!!! OMG I almost forgot :O


Singing in the rain

Twinkle twinkle


Thursday, September 4, 2014


Love it!! xD
Cool play by Cube Ray!! xO

Ikuo *o*


I really like his style when he plays bass!

Enjoy :)

Bonus :
OMG.. He likes cats!!! XD 
After asagi, sujk.. And now, Ikuo too likes cats!! *_* 

[TRANSLATION] L'arc en Ciel MC part - From TOUR 2008 L'7

(FROM L'arc en Ciel MC part - TOUR 2008 L'7)

I tried to translate what they're talking about during the MC from 〜Trans ASIA via PARIS (Kyocera Dome, Osaka) :D

please see the video first :)

I'm not too good in Japanese, forgive me for the mistake..
The MC introduce the members (the girl's voice).
This is my first original translation :)

MC : No. 1, on drums, Yukihiro, No. (XXX, may be back number? I'm not sure coz I couldn't heard it clearly) 33..

MC  : In this tour, this time, Yukihiro went to Osaka (KYOCERA Dome is in Osaka) by driving a car by himself. For such a long journey, thanks for your hardwork..

Yukihiro : 'bowed  to the audience'

MC : To Yukihiro san, who really likes car, I have a question.

Yukihiro : 'nodded'

MC : If you go driving together with your fan/girl, where do you want to bring her? 

Yukihiro : hmm... first, by plane, (when he talked this part, Hyde san looked surprised but smiled #sexy smile! haha..).. I will take her to Los Angeles, then I will drive her from LA to New York.. (then, he still talked something but I couldn't catch what he talked about -_-".. i heard "chuu which means kiss" but I'm not sure xD)

MC : No. 2, on bass, Tetsu.. NO. (XXX) 69

MC : This time, on L7 world tour, Tetsu san please try to talk in France "do you want to eat my banana?"

Tetsu : 'talked in france' (and Ken san laughed :D)

MC : next, please try to talk in Chinese 

Tetsu : 'tried to remembered Chinese xD.. then he talked chinese..'

MC : then, please talk in Korean..

Tetsu : 'talked in Korean almost immediately xD'

MC : last, please talk in Japanese

Tetsu : Ore no banana, tabetaika?? xD lol 'then he kissed and threw the banana he brought with him :))'

MC : No. 3, on guitar, Ken san.. No. (XXX) 5..

MC : Even in Hongkong, you ate many delicious things, XXX (Oh really, I'm very sorry, I confused how to translate this part, but in Japanese, if I'm not misheard, it was ホンコンでも、美味しい物をたくさん食べたケンさん、お頭 好き の 料理 を 食べたそうですが、その感想をきっかせて下さい。。)

Ken : Oh, the face looks so trouble/ugly (わざわざ、顔の線でもええやん。。)  please give me the meat only! xD (looks like he feels troubled when he looked at the duck head)

MC : then, please try to mimic the gesture (on the pic) after ate that..

Ken : 'do the pose'

MC : No. 4, on vocal, HYDE.. No. (XXX) 666

MC : This time tour, L7, after Shanghai, Taipei, Paris, Seoul, Hongkong and after tour around the world, you chose Osaka for FINAL Tour,, please tell us the reasons..

HYDE : It is because it was local, isn't it? once in a while.. 'then he screamed xD'

MC : then, tonight, please tell me after this.. 

HYDE : let's beat's up (打ち 上がるぜ)

HYDE : Thanks for the good sake.. (??? いい 酒 頂きます)..

MC : thank you very much. that's it, about L'arc en ciel's introduction..


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[NEWS] X JAPAN (YOSHIKI OFFICIAL LINE) : インドネシアでニュースになってる!

I followed Yoshiki's official LINE.
And today I saw his post about X Japan became a news in one of INDONESIA music website xD
well, I'm proud too :p

Kalo gw baca c intinya betapa mencengangkannya tiket konser X japan bisa terjual sold out dalam satu menit saja.. Hoho, emang c opa keren pisan xD

Rollingstone INDONESIA

Now I know the reason why I never had a chance to buy the ticket! :((
and how I always very late to know the news >_______<
I wanna see them, please!! >_________<