Saturday, September 19, 2009

[PICT] Phobia Band Picts

another band picts found on my compie ^^ .. :D i thought i have heard their song before.. but i forgot.. have to check it on my collection list :D but i'm too lazy now.. hope i can found their song sometime xD

[RANDOM] Larme d'ange

Larme d'ange... Anyone know about this bands and their musics?? i never heard their song, but somehow i have this picture on my computer.. hahahha.. so, anyone know?? :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

[RANDOM] Visual Kei make up

I found this long time ago.. how to make up like visual kei ^^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[PICT] D and friends Random Picts xD

Some of D with their friends picts.. I love D. they're dork!! xDDDD

Hidezou (Gt, with the red guitar) in this pict looks fat xD and Asagi's hair (Vo, down) looks so soft >_<>

Who are the two persons beside Hidezou (Gt) ??

Tsunehito (ba) and Hidezou (second guitarist)! xDDD

Tsunehito and Hidezou again.. Tsunehito looks so beautiful xD i love his hair >_<

Tsunehito (ba) and Hazuki (vo) from Lynch.. i heard they're best friend ^^

Tsunehito (ba) and Hazuki (vo) from Lynch

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[PICT] Daizy Stripper (デイジーストリッパー) Random Picts

[NEWS] Girugamesh Tour 2009 "SUMMER EVOLUTION"

[NEWS] Lynch Tour 2009 "The Shadow Impulse"

Lynch's Tour on 2009 ^^ with their new album "SHADOWS".. it's been started since July 2009 and ended this month on 6th.. and about their new video, I like their SHADOWS PV, but Yusuke's hair is weird xD sorry..

[PICT] DespairsRay Pict

I've found this pict somewhere (i forgot xD).. look at the left back!! Tsukasa (Dr) is so cuuuteee~~~ >__________<

[PICT] Versailles : Teru (Gt)

Teru, the awesome guitarist from Versailles xDD