Monday, September 14, 2009

[BAND PROFILE] -qiche- Profile


Composition/Electronics/Programming: Juya

Guest Members:
Takako Sumi

Started: 2006
Status: Active


-qiche- is the solo project of the musician Juya. Juya had previously been a member/support member of numerous bands including Feather, Se’ikspia, AMETHYST, Viole Stolz, D’AIR and BLOOD, as guitarist, vocalist or bassist and has also modelled for the clothing company ATELIER R-ZERO. However, in June 2006 he announced that he was to start his solo project -qiche-. This announcement was followed by the release of his first mini-album "-silent stream-" in December of that year. Although -qiche- is a solo project, Juya also has help from guests moop (musicians and sound production), Takako Sumi (vocals, from Toxic under delica) and Hisame (vocals, ex member of Brandƒ³).

After the release of his first mini-ablum, he released "Like an Edison Special Limited Disc ’Dramatic pool’", a remix CD released with the help of the music shop Like an Edison and "-qiche- SPECIAL LIMITED DISC" through the online music shop Brand-X. -qiche-’s first maxi single, "Light", was then released in February 2007. The single featured Hisami as the vocalist and consisted of 5 tracks, including "Kannazuki Gensou", which was previously a Viole Stolz song.

In March 2007, -qiche- played at the limited live event "Visualive presents, Visual binary vol.10 ’Cherry blossoms bloom’", at which he played bass along with support members Hisami (vocals), HAKU (guitar, from Anubis), Tetsu (guitar, ex. Gimmick) and U-YA (drums, ex D’AIR). Later that month, he also participated in the compilation CD "Darkest Labyrinth", with the Mog Decorate Mix of "-silent stream-", along with artists such as BLOOD, BAAL, The Candy Spooky Theater, Calmando Qual and Despair. Following this, in July 2007, Juya remixed a song for BLOOD’s album Les Fleurs du Mal.

In mid 2007 Juya announced he would not be conducting any more lives, but still produce music. He is currently helping Nagi (ex-D’AIR vocalist) in his solo project, Visui.

Mini Album
-silent stream-

Light (TYPE A)
Light (TYPE B)

Limited/Special Edition
Like an Edison Special Limited Disc ’Dramatic pool’

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