Monday, July 25, 2011


I heard the news from my friend and immediately searching for the news after heard that.. it has been announced that :

1. Ishii (vocalist of Kagrra)
on the shiki∞project OHP that vocalist Isshi “fell into an eternal sleep” at his home on July 18th. A funeral has already taken place for his relatives and close friends. No other information about his passing has been released. The dinner show, 『鬼婚』 (Kikon) that was scheduled for July 28th and 29th have been rescheduled as a memorial for Isshi. Isshi was probably best known as the vocalist for Kagrra,. We offer our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

2. Daisuke (Vocalist of The studs, ex-Kagerou)
a horrible piece of news about Daisuke (who had been busy recently with his solo project 大佑と黒の隠者達 (Daisuke to Kuro no Injatachi), but also was a vocalist of the studs and previously 蜉蝣 (Kagerou), has passed away today, on July 15th.

Here is an announcement posted on the English official website of the studs:
To the fans and affiliates,

We regret to inform all fans and affiliates that Daisuke was laid to rest on July 15, 2010.
In respect of the wishes of his family the funeral procession will be carried out with his closest relatives only. We thank you deeply for all your support for Daisuke up to now. Our utmost and heartfelt condolences go out to everyone.

3. Former X japan's Taiji
During the flight he was restrained for imporper conduct, which included fighting with a female passanger, hitting the airplane windows, kicking the seat in front of him and failing to adhere by the flight attendent’s instruction to stop.

When he reached Saipan, he was arrested. On July 13th he appeared in front of the US federal court for his first trial. Once the trial had ended, he was taken into American custody.

TAIJI’s court-appointed attorney commented on the incidents of the flight saying that TAIJI hadn’t opposed anyone and was not angry. Only that he was annoyed with himself. He also mentioned that it was a female manager sitting next to him and trying to calm him down, and that there was no struggle inside the plane when he was restrained.

A second trial was scheduled for the morning of the 15th, however the night before, TAIJI attempted suicide and was transported unconscious to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

He passed away in the hospital on July 17th.

4. Zill (bassist of Moran)
Zill, bassist for Moran, has passed away on Friday, July 23rd. Zill was also known as 未波 (Minami), bassist for Cynical Biscuit, and as 三狼 (Saburo), bassist for KuRt. Family's message :
To all supporters of Zill and Moran,

As of July 23rd, Zill of Moran has passed away due to deteriorating physical conditions. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for all the worry and trouble this has caused all fans and everyone concerned. The wake and the funeral is planned to be held among relatives only. We give our most heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported Zill, even then as Minami and Saburo.
Thank you very much.

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RIP. I offer my deepest condolences for them :(

Thursday, June 16, 2011

[NEWS] D'espairsRay Announce Immediate Break-Up

With their Yokohama performance last year on December 30th at Yokohama BLITZ D'espairsRay had been going on a break to support the healing of vocalist HIZUMI's throat condition.

As of today, June 15th 2011, D'espairsRay have announced their immediate disbanding which has become the final result of talks between staff and members and been announced on the official homepage.

The members have each left a statement on the homepage, HIZUMI's looking as follows:

"For the treatment of my through we have gone on an infinite hiatus and while having undergone acupuncture, chiropractic and Qigong, even now the restoration of it is not yet in sight. As a result of the talks with all four members and since we can't revive activities like this, it is like a natural extinction. We came to the conclusion that we should break this up with dignity.

Please, everyone, who had hoped for our return, forgive us this betrayal it has become.

Unfortunately we also can't be doing a final live, but I hope we can return something to you in a different shape.

With the beginning of this band, a number of meetings have come about and through joyful, sad and tough times, there hadn't been a single superfluous experience.
Thank you to everyone who loved D'espairsRay for these 11 years."

We sincerely wish our very best to all band members and hope they find a new path for themselves, while continuously hoping for HIZUMI's recovery.

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Tsukachi's NOTE : I'm so deep in frustation.. another great band is disband! my another fav band is disbanded.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


A fairly new indies visual kei band that formed in 2007, featuring members from many rather well-known, by now disbanded visual kei groups. Their sound is quite reminiscent of クロルシアン (Clorcian), but with a harder edge. Recently they switched from Sequence Records to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION record label.

Vo. Saki (尖) : ex.Clorcian (クロルシアン)
Gu. Nozomi (希) : ex.Clorcian (クロルシアン)
Gu. Ryuto (りゅうと): ex.Teddy (テディ)
Dr. Naruka (成華): ex. ジャガー

2007.03.26 Voice
2008.03.12 the dropping sky
2008.04.16 信者ニ捧グ謳
2008.05.14 lapis~青の憂鬱~
2008.09.24 灰色ノ一片

2007.10.17 ClearVeil
2008.10.29 The future of despair

Full albums
2009.03.18 RE:BORN

Omnibus Releases

2007.04.15 Voice (Featured on 「裏★海賊盤。」004)
2007.04.27 a square room ~最後の言葉~ (Featured on Deviant’s Struggle)
2007.09.05 リアル (Featured on u-20亥)
2007.xx.xx 鼓動 (Featured on SUMMIT 4 VA)
2007.12.16 cold prey (Featured on Seduction#1 FOOL’S MATE SELECT)


Members :
Vocals & Synth: Rieu
Vocals & Noise: Ana
Keyboard & Synth: Jude

Started: 2001
Status: Active

Electro-industrial noise trio Despair formed in Tokyo in October 2001 under the name "Der Gestaltkries", which was a homage to the late 1960s political group "S.P.K.-Sozialistische Patienten Kollektive-" ("S.P.K" jointly owned "Der Gestaltkries", which was part of Heidelberg University’s Department of Medicine’s neuro-psychiatry wing). The original line-up was Ana (vocals and noise), Rieu (vocals and synth) and Seiji (keyboard and synth). However, in April 2002 "Der Gestaltkries" changed their name and became Despair.

Taking influences from Atari Teenage Riot, Unter Null, Marilyn Manson and Queen Adreena, amongst others, Despair’s "uncompromisingly aggressive sound" and dedication to making all their sounds through synths, saw their popularity in the Japanese underground scene grow rapidly and they played at events such as "Tokyo Dark Castle" and "Party Monsters Collection". In 2005 they proved that their success wasn’t limited to Japan when they made their European debut. They played dates in the UK and Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen) along with Psyclon Nine and Haujobb. That same year Seiji quit the band and was replaced by Jude.

Despair are defintely a live-based band, with most of their CDs being free distributions at shows. However, their 1st and 2nd mini-albums, "A Method of Abstract Overload" and "Deserted Technology Riot" were available internationally through their site. They also released a European version of their 1st maxi single "Beautiful Japanese Sight" in 2004.

Despair are still gaining popularity and have been featured on the upcoming compilation album "Darkest Labyrinth Vol. 2". They will also take part in a live of the same title on March 24th 2007 along with bands such as BLOOD, Rose de Reficul et Guiggles, The Candy Spooky Theater and Suicide Ali. In addition to this, Jude, will also be performing in Europe in February as part of electro band Sins of the Flesh along with The Pussybats and Aural Vampire.

Mini Albums
A Method of Abstract Overload
Deserted Technology Riot

Angelic Conversation Beautiful Japanese Sight (Japanese edition)
Beautiful Japanese Sight (European edition)
Dance of the Murder
Ground Zero

Dummy Psychosis

[BAND PROFILE] Charlotte

Members :
Vocals: Kazuno
Guitar: Touya
Guitar: Mitsujou
Bass: Ruka
Drums: Takane

Started: 2000
Status: Active

With "school" as their main theme as well as wearing school uniforms, Oshare Kei band Charlotte known for their cute punk rock style made their "test band" debut in December of 2000 during a live at Yokohama with Kazuno on vocals, Takane on drums, Ruka on bass and support member Mitsujou on guitar. Before their first official live on February 21st 2001, Mitsujou would become a permanent member of the band making Charlotte almost complete. Their last member Touya would later join in November 2001.

Along side bands such as Kra and Duel Jewel, Charlotte participated in various events before releasing their first maxi-single B kyuu idol densetu in September of 2001. In December of that same year they were featured on a compilation album titled Yougenkyou ?star-. More compilation albums would follow in 2003 Hysteric media zone IV and Loop of life III just to name a few. Their second maxi-single, Yokohama love story which sold out upon pre-order was released a few months later in April. Not wanting the fans unable to get their copy to miss out Charlotte did a second press release on May 21st which like the first time sold out also. The bands third maxi-single Otona no kijun released on July 21st would also sell out along with their first one-man at Takadanobaba on August 17th. A second press release of Otona no kijun a few days would contain an extra bonus track.

September and November had the band performing at various events and in October a coupling CD with the band Mask titled Tobe, tobe oyuuki would be released. The maxi-single would reach number four on the Oricon Indies chart.

Gakuen jigoku, their first mini album was released on January 1st 2004. In May their single Koi shinbou mansee!! reached number 6 on the Oricon Indies charts. And another coupling CD this time with the band R*A*P called Uchuu Gakuen.

Their first DVD. called ’Natsuyasumi no Omoide ga Oppai - Saigo no XX Happyo’, was released in two versions: ’Yoko ban’ and ’Hama ban’. They both contained live footage and PV’s. A second mini-album called Ryuunen kettei would be released in April of 2005.

Discography :
Albums/Mini Albums
Osharu no Gakkou Futatsu Goukan
Ryuunen Kettei
Gakuen jigoku

Yokohama Love Story / Diamond Busaiku
Koi shinbou mansee!!
Otona no kijun-2
Otona no kijun
Yokohama Love Story 2
Yokohama Love Story
B kyuu idol densetsu


Members :

Vocals: Hirosuke
Guitar: Atsushi
Bass: Akio
Drums: Takayuki

Started: 1992
Status: Active

Balzac is a Japanese hardcore-punk band which was formed in 1992. The band consist of Hirosuke on vocals, Tetsuya on guitars, Anti on bass and Naoki on drums. Balzac released their first demo tape titled Scapegoat 666 in 1993. The demo tape included a cover song of The Misfit’s titled, Where Eagles Dare. Tetsuya and Naoki left the band and was replaced with Atsushi and Kohji when they recorded and released the second demo tape in the same year titled Descent Of The Diabolos.

By 1997, the line-up consisted of Hirosuke remained on vocals, Atsushi on guitars and Akio as the new bassist. Without a replacement drummer, the band released an album titled Deep - Teenagers from Outer Space and quickly found Kill to replace Naoki on drums soon after the album was released. They released recorded and released 13 Stairway - The Children Of The Night in 1998, Zennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu in 2000 and Terrifying - Art Of Dying/The Last Men On Earth II in 2002 before Kill left Balzac and in the same year, they released a split single with The Misfits. Takayuki replaced Kill as Balzac’s new drummer in late 2002.

Balzac went on to release a few more albums such as Beyond The Darkness in 2003, Came Out Of The Grave in 2004, Dark-Ism and Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark in 2005, and Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism II in 2006. They will be releasing Paranoid Dream of the Zodiac this year.

Discography :
The Last Men on Earth
Deep - Teenagers from Outer Space
13 Stairway - The Children of the Night
Zennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu
Terrifying - Art of Dying/The Last Men on Earth II
Beyond The Darkness
Came Out Of The Grave
Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark
Deep Blue: Chaos from Darkism II
Paranoid Dream of the Zodiac

Lord of the Light and DarknessAtom Age Vampire in 308
Isolation from No. 13
When the Fiendish Ghouls Night
Who Will Survive - Off the Wall
The 4 Brothers Meet Misery Skull
Oldevils Legend of Blood
Isolation from No. 13
Into the Light of the 13 Dark Night
Neat Neat Neat/The End of Century
Hands of 9 Evils
Nowhere Number 13/Tomorrow
Unvarnished Facts
Thirteen Ghost/Psycho in 308
The Silence of Crows/Vanishes in Oblivion
Don’t Open ’Til It’s Doomsday/Day the Earth Caught Fire
Out of the Blue
Beware of Darkness
Out of the Blue
Out of the Light of the 13 Dark Night
Gimme Some Truth
Inside My Eyes

Demo Tapes
Scapegoat 666
Descent Of The Diabolos
Megabattle ’93
Veritas Tempore Patet Oculta
One Night In Hell
Weird And Occult
Psycho In 308


Members :
Vocals/Guitar: Syu
2nd Guitar: Naoki
Drum: Kon
Bass: Kyoichi

Started: 2002
Status: Active

AUSHVITZ started in 2002 with A (keyboards & vocals), Syu (vocals & guitar), Kyoichi (bassist), and Kon (drums). Even before they even released anything, A decided to leave the band in order to join Nana; however, he did stay as a supporting member.

In September 2002, they released their first maxi-single, "Akarui", which was limited to only 1000 copies. In December, they were featured with various other artists on a compilation album called "Yougenkyo ?moon-". They had a few live concerts in 2003, and in February they released their second single, "ABEKA no kairaku", which was only sold at live concerts. In April, they released "Koi Yabure, Suibotsu", but a few months later the band went on hiatus. Despite the fact that they have not released any songs since 2003, however, as of 2006, they continue performing live.

Yougenkyo ?moon- (compilation)

Haitoku no Inori/Shishi Metsuretsu
Koi Yabure, Suibotsu ABEKA no kairaku

[BAND PROFILE] Art Marju Duchain

怪 (Kai) - Vocals, Programming (199? - 2003)
→ Art Marju Duchain
HIRO - Guitar (200? - 2003)
→ Divine Voltaire → Art Marju Duchain → Cannival Method → The Candy Spooky Theater
Haruki - Support Bass (late 2002 - 2003)
→ orivia → Art Marju Duchain [support] →

Former Members
NENE - Vocals (2001 - 2002)
→ AMADEUS → AMADEUS, Art Marju Duchain

YUZURU - Guitar (1998 - 2001)
→ Art Marju Duchain → Nookicky → monaural curve, The Candy Spooky Theater → monaural curve

RYU(now a.k.a Rieu, the mainman for the Japanese industrial hardcore unit called DESPAIR) - Bass (200? - 2001.08)
→ Art Marju Duchain → DESPAIR

雅 (Miyavi) - Guitar, Backing Vocals (1998 - 1999)
→ Trance Art Lizard → Art Marju Duchain → LURID AQUA

オディティー (Oddity) - Backing Vocals
迷la (Meila) - Bass (around 2000)
→ Trance Art Lizard → Art Marju Duchain [support] → どろろ → 2nd effect [support], The Candy Spooky Theater → The Candy Spooky Theater

Started: 1995
Status: On Hiatus

Visual goth band Art Marju Duchain were formed in 1995 in Osaka by Kai, but after the original line-up went their seperate ways, Kai moved to Tokyo and new band members were found. Kai became good friends with Dada (ex Velvet Eden) and was said to be somewhat influenced by both him and Mana (Moi dix Mois, ex Malice Mizer), the latter of the two even being a guest guitarist at one AMD live.

Art Marju Duchain played various lives alongside bands such as Velvet Eden, Jubilee anf HYSTeRIC ARTS in venues such as Cafe Le Psyence and Roppongi Y2K. They also released a live DVD that is now extremely rare.

The mini-album "Demon est Deus Inversus", Art Marju Duchain’s only release, came out in March 2000; the first press was limited to 2000 copies, the second to 3000 copies. A track from it, "Dark Icon Symphony", was also later featured on the various artists CD "CD Tokyo Undermap" in 2002.

The band’s line-up has changed many times and according to their official site, the only member left is Kai and the band are on hiatus due to a lack of members, but they have not disbanded. However, since 2003 the site has no longer been updated. The ex-members of Art Marju Duchain include Nene (ex-Amadeus, now solo), MIYAVI (ex-Trance Art Lizard under the name KAMI:LU), Hiro (ex-Devine Voltaire), Masahi (now in Lurid Aqua), YUZURU (ex-Nookicky and Monaural Curve, now in The Candy Spooky Theater as Zull), RYU (now in Drum:Kan as Hideki), and MeiLa (ex-Trance Art Lizard, now in The Candy Spooky Theater and support bass for 2nd effect as Peggy), who was never an official member of the band but appeared in the promotional photos for "Demon est Deus Inversus" along with Kai and YUZURU.

Discography :

Mini Album
Demon est Deus Inversus

Various Artists CD

CD Tokyo Undermap


Members :

Drums: Uli
Guitar: Shagrath
Bass: Daiki
Vocals: Kaworu
Guitar: Takamasa

Status: Disbanded

Aikaryu was formed in 2002 by Amare, Shun, Uri, and Kaworu. They played around for a bit but felt that they needed to add someone else. Enter, Teru, another guitarist.

It was in 2003 that they released their first single (after releasing many demos). They began touring in 2004 to increase their popularity, but Takamasa has now replaced Teru as the guitarist. They released second single and mini-album the very same year. It was in 2005 that they were finally signed by Crow Music Records and they’re still going. Except this time, they are once again a 4-member visual kei band because Takamasa has left.

Discography :
Aikaryu Chokki Album - Ore Tachi Best Ja Nakute Chokki ha


Kazokuban Aye. ai. sir

Vampire de manpai ya
Taiyou ga Itai You
Indigo Blue Story
Aizome Kyoto oreiro ni somaru kimi ga aho ni natteyuku
New scream date

[PROFILE] Acid Black Cherry

Vocals: Yasu

Started: 2007
Status: Active

Acid Black Cherry
, or ABC, is the solo project of former Janne Da Arc vocalist, Yasu. Naming influences such as DEAD END and BOOWY, and stating that the theme of his project was "eroticism", Yasu began solo activities in 2007, making his solo debut with the single "SPELL MAGIC". The single also contained a PV of the single’s title track.

From May 6th - June 10th 2007, ABC embarked on a 15 date secret tour of Japan. The last date of the tour was in Shinjuku Station Square and was attended by over 5000 people. During this tour, at the acousic lives in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya, Yasu explained the reason for Janne Da Arc’s disbandment and played a special, untitled song, which he said was a present to the fans who had waited for him to return after the split.

ABC went on to release two more singles, "Black Cherry" and "Aishite nai", in 2007, and the single "Fuyu no maboroshi" in January 2008, all of which also contained the PVs for the title tracks.

Discography :
Black Cherry
Aishite nai
Fuyu no maboroshi

[BAND PROFILE] Acid Android

Members :
Vocals/Guitar/Programming: Yukihiro
Guitar: Tomo
Guitar: Antz
Guitar: Kishi
Drums: Yasuo

Started: 2001
Status: Active

Acid Android is a side project band from L’arc~en~ciel’s drummer, Yukihiro. It was formed during L’arc~en~ciel’s hiatus. The band was formed during a fan club event. Acid android hopes to bring new sounds to music. They are signed to Ki/oon Records and are active in the Japanese Indie Scene.

Discography :
Acid Android

Ring the Noise
Let’s Dance



Vocal: 哲至 (Satoshi)
Guitar: 恋†架 (Renka)
Guitar: 時雨 (Shigure)
Bass: 梓乃 (Shino)
Support Drums: Gaji

Former members:

Vo. 弥 (Wataru)
Dr. ユキ (Yuki)

EREMIA is a visual kei indies band from Tokyo. They formed in April of 2003 and held their first live, a secret gig, a month later at Ichikawa CLUB GIO.

In the following years they had constant live activity and released a couple of demo tapes, usually sold at lives, but it wasn’t until mid-2006 (and a change of vocalist in 2005) when they started to release their first maxi-singles.

They’ve sponsored a few events in the past year and had their first one-man, The Sanctuary Of A Bloody Rose, on December 20, 2007 at Holiday Shinjuku.

Also in December, they released a new single titled Eternally ~tsuioku no orgel~ which also featured their first PV of the same song.

On February 7th they commemorated their second stage (change of vocalist) 3rd year anniversary with a sponsored live event, Night When Red Arise, where they distributed a new recording of MURDER to mark the anniversary, a song they had distributed on February 8th, 2005.

In May they will sponsor another event titled NECESSARY CONDITION where they will sell a new recording of Yume Shinjuu and in August they have set a date for their second oneman. Kingdom That Rose Destroyed is the title of the oneman and it will be held on August 26th at Holiday Shinjuku.

[BAND PROFILE] Abingdon Boys School

Members :
Vocals: Nishikawa
Guitar: Sunae
Electric Guitar: Hiroshi Shibasaki
Keyboard/Programming: Kishi

Started: 2005
Status: Active

Abingdon Boys School is a Japanese rock band formed by T.M. Revolution’s founder Takanori Nishikawa. They started playing on April of 2005 when composing a song for the manga/anime Nana. They held their first live event along side the band UVERwold, and in December 6, of the following year, they released their first single titled "Innocent Sorrow".

The band is signed to Sony Records, and in October of 2007 their first album, "Abingdon Boys School", was released. Their song "Fre@k Show" was used for the Death Note 2 movie and their song "Howling", featured on their second single, was the theme song for the anime Darker Than Black. The band has also collaborated with the band BUCK-TICK and recently, in the memorial album for the band Luna Sea.

[BAND PROFILE] Schwardix Marvally

Members :
Hisui - vocals (ex: De≠prive, DE=LUGE, Vierge, Madeth gray’ll, Jelly Berry)
HIZAKI - lead guitar (ex: GARNET GRAVE, Crack Brain)
Airi - guitar (ex: Madeth Gray’ll, Crack Brain)
Rum - bass (ex: Lese larme, オルゴール, LAYBIAL, オルゴール, シュガーフォークフル [support])
廻 (Kai) - support drums (ex: フェンリル, Se’ikspia)

Former members:
KO-ZI - support bass (ex: DESERT ICE, ZENITH, ドレミ團 )
美景 (Mikage) - support drums (ex: Eze:quL)

グロテスクロマンティッカー (Gurotesuku Romantikkaa/Grotesque Romantica) was formed in late 2002 but officially debuted in March 2003. In May they changed their name to Schwardix Marvally and toured Japan mostly with the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION entourage.

The band signed with the Third Stage-based label kapparecords and released their first mini-album, which was the final part of a series of three tributes to Visual Kei bands. The release was supported by several guests and included three covers (including a cover of Hisui’s and Airi’s former band Madeth gray’ll) and their first self-composed song. Shortly after that bassist Rum joined the trio as a permanent member.

Their first actual release was their “Heaven’s Romance” mini-album in January of 2004, shortly after which the group disbanded due to Airi’s decision to leave the music scene entirely.

Their last concert took place at Meguro Rockmaykan on April 17th 2004.
After the disbandment of Schwardix Marvally, HIZAKI launched his solo career and is currently lead guitarist in the band Versailles, Rum apparently left the music scene, and Hisui has only played in a few sessions bands.

Discography :
回顧録~第三章~ (Kaikoroku~daisanshou~): mini-album (2003.08.20)
HEAVENS ROMANCE: mini-album (2004.01.28)
~天空への物語~ (Tenkuu e no Monogatari): compilation (2007.01.01)
High Style Paradox: omnibus album (2003.09.30)