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[BAND PROFILE] Art Marju Duchain

怪 (Kai) - Vocals, Programming (199? - 2003)
→ Art Marju Duchain
HIRO - Guitar (200? - 2003)
→ Divine Voltaire → Art Marju Duchain → Cannival Method → The Candy Spooky Theater
Haruki - Support Bass (late 2002 - 2003)
→ orivia → Art Marju Duchain [support] →

Former Members
NENE - Vocals (2001 - 2002)
→ AMADEUS → AMADEUS, Art Marju Duchain

YUZURU - Guitar (1998 - 2001)
→ Art Marju Duchain → Nookicky → monaural curve, The Candy Spooky Theater → monaural curve

RYU(now a.k.a Rieu, the mainman for the Japanese industrial hardcore unit called DESPAIR) - Bass (200? - 2001.08)
→ Art Marju Duchain → DESPAIR

雅 (Miyavi) - Guitar, Backing Vocals (1998 - 1999)
→ Trance Art Lizard → Art Marju Duchain → LURID AQUA

オディティー (Oddity) - Backing Vocals
迷la (Meila) - Bass (around 2000)
→ Trance Art Lizard → Art Marju Duchain [support] → どろろ → 2nd effect [support], The Candy Spooky Theater → The Candy Spooky Theater

Started: 1995
Status: On Hiatus

Visual goth band Art Marju Duchain were formed in 1995 in Osaka by Kai, but after the original line-up went their seperate ways, Kai moved to Tokyo and new band members were found. Kai became good friends with Dada (ex Velvet Eden) and was said to be somewhat influenced by both him and Mana (Moi dix Mois, ex Malice Mizer), the latter of the two even being a guest guitarist at one AMD live.

Art Marju Duchain played various lives alongside bands such as Velvet Eden, Jubilee anf HYSTeRIC ARTS in venues such as Cafe Le Psyence and Roppongi Y2K. They also released a live DVD that is now extremely rare.

The mini-album "Demon est Deus Inversus", Art Marju Duchain’s only release, came out in March 2000; the first press was limited to 2000 copies, the second to 3000 copies. A track from it, "Dark Icon Symphony", was also later featured on the various artists CD "CD Tokyo Undermap" in 2002.

The band’s line-up has changed many times and according to their official site, the only member left is Kai and the band are on hiatus due to a lack of members, but they have not disbanded. However, since 2003 the site has no longer been updated. The ex-members of Art Marju Duchain include Nene (ex-Amadeus, now solo), MIYAVI (ex-Trance Art Lizard under the name KAMI:LU), Hiro (ex-Devine Voltaire), Masahi (now in Lurid Aqua), YUZURU (ex-Nookicky and Monaural Curve, now in The Candy Spooky Theater as Zull), RYU (now in Drum:Kan as Hideki), and MeiLa (ex-Trance Art Lizard, now in The Candy Spooky Theater and support bass for 2nd effect as Peggy), who was never an official member of the band but appeared in the promotional photos for "Demon est Deus Inversus" along with Kai and YUZURU.

Discography :

Mini Album
Demon est Deus Inversus

Various Artists CD

CD Tokyo Undermap

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