Sunday, May 1, 2011

[BAND PROFILE] Abingdon Boys School

Members :
Vocals: Nishikawa
Guitar: Sunae
Electric Guitar: Hiroshi Shibasaki
Keyboard/Programming: Kishi

Started: 2005
Status: Active

Abingdon Boys School is a Japanese rock band formed by T.M. Revolution’s founder Takanori Nishikawa. They started playing on April of 2005 when composing a song for the manga/anime Nana. They held their first live event along side the band UVERwold, and in December 6, of the following year, they released their first single titled "Innocent Sorrow".

The band is signed to Sony Records, and in October of 2007 their first album, "Abingdon Boys School", was released. Their song "Fre@k Show" was used for the Death Note 2 movie and their song "Howling", featured on their second single, was the theme song for the anime Darker Than Black. The band has also collaborated with the band BUCK-TICK and recently, in the memorial album for the band Luna Sea.

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