Sunday, May 1, 2011


Members :
Vocals/Guitar: Syu
2nd Guitar: Naoki
Drum: Kon
Bass: Kyoichi

Started: 2002
Status: Active

AUSHVITZ started in 2002 with A (keyboards & vocals), Syu (vocals & guitar), Kyoichi (bassist), and Kon (drums). Even before they even released anything, A decided to leave the band in order to join Nana; however, he did stay as a supporting member.

In September 2002, they released their first maxi-single, "Akarui", which was limited to only 1000 copies. In December, they were featured with various other artists on a compilation album called "Yougenkyo ?moon-". They had a few live concerts in 2003, and in February they released their second single, "ABEKA no kairaku", which was only sold at live concerts. In April, they released "Koi Yabure, Suibotsu", but a few months later the band went on hiatus. Despite the fact that they have not released any songs since 2003, however, as of 2006, they continue performing live.

Yougenkyo ?moon- (compilation)

Haitoku no Inori/Shishi Metsuretsu
Koi Yabure, Suibotsu ABEKA no kairaku

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