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Vocal: 哲至 (Satoshi)
Guitar: 恋†架 (Renka)
Guitar: 時雨 (Shigure)
Bass: 梓乃 (Shino)
Support Drums: Gaji

Former members:

Vo. 弥 (Wataru)
Dr. ユキ (Yuki)

EREMIA is a visual kei indies band from Tokyo. They formed in April of 2003 and held their first live, a secret gig, a month later at Ichikawa CLUB GIO.

In the following years they had constant live activity and released a couple of demo tapes, usually sold at lives, but it wasn’t until mid-2006 (and a change of vocalist in 2005) when they started to release their first maxi-singles.

They’ve sponsored a few events in the past year and had their first one-man, The Sanctuary Of A Bloody Rose, on December 20, 2007 at Holiday Shinjuku.

Also in December, they released a new single titled Eternally ~tsuioku no orgel~ which also featured their first PV of the same song.

On February 7th they commemorated their second stage (change of vocalist) 3rd year anniversary with a sponsored live event, Night When Red Arise, where they distributed a new recording of MURDER to mark the anniversary, a song they had distributed on February 8th, 2005.

In May they will sponsor another event titled NECESSARY CONDITION where they will sell a new recording of Yume Shinjuu and in August they have set a date for their second oneman. Kingdom That Rose Destroyed is the title of the oneman and it will be held on August 26th at Holiday Shinjuku.

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