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Members :
Vocals & Synth: Rieu
Vocals & Noise: Ana
Keyboard & Synth: Jude

Started: 2001
Status: Active

Electro-industrial noise trio Despair formed in Tokyo in October 2001 under the name "Der Gestaltkries", which was a homage to the late 1960s political group "S.P.K.-Sozialistische Patienten Kollektive-" ("S.P.K" jointly owned "Der Gestaltkries", which was part of Heidelberg University’s Department of Medicine’s neuro-psychiatry wing). The original line-up was Ana (vocals and noise), Rieu (vocals and synth) and Seiji (keyboard and synth). However, in April 2002 "Der Gestaltkries" changed their name and became Despair.

Taking influences from Atari Teenage Riot, Unter Null, Marilyn Manson and Queen Adreena, amongst others, Despair’s "uncompromisingly aggressive sound" and dedication to making all their sounds through synths, saw their popularity in the Japanese underground scene grow rapidly and they played at events such as "Tokyo Dark Castle" and "Party Monsters Collection". In 2005 they proved that their success wasn’t limited to Japan when they made their European debut. They played dates in the UK and Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen) along with Psyclon Nine and Haujobb. That same year Seiji quit the band and was replaced by Jude.

Despair are defintely a live-based band, with most of their CDs being free distributions at shows. However, their 1st and 2nd mini-albums, "A Method of Abstract Overload" and "Deserted Technology Riot" were available internationally through their site. They also released a European version of their 1st maxi single "Beautiful Japanese Sight" in 2004.

Despair are still gaining popularity and have been featured on the upcoming compilation album "Darkest Labyrinth Vol. 2". They will also take part in a live of the same title on March 24th 2007 along with bands such as BLOOD, Rose de Reficul et Guiggles, The Candy Spooky Theater and Suicide Ali. In addition to this, Jude, will also be performing in Europe in February as part of electro band Sins of the Flesh along with The Pussybats and Aural Vampire.

Mini Albums
A Method of Abstract Overload
Deserted Technology Riot

Angelic Conversation Beautiful Japanese Sight (Japanese edition)
Beautiful Japanese Sight (European edition)
Dance of the Murder
Ground Zero

Dummy Psychosis

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