Sunday, May 1, 2011

[BAND PROFILE] Schwardix Marvally

Members :
Hisui - vocals (ex: De≠prive, DE=LUGE, Vierge, Madeth gray’ll, Jelly Berry)
HIZAKI - lead guitar (ex: GARNET GRAVE, Crack Brain)
Airi - guitar (ex: Madeth Gray’ll, Crack Brain)
Rum - bass (ex: Lese larme, オルゴール, LAYBIAL, オルゴール, シュガーフォークフル [support])
廻 (Kai) - support drums (ex: フェンリル, Se’ikspia)

Former members:
KO-ZI - support bass (ex: DESERT ICE, ZENITH, ドレミ團 )
美景 (Mikage) - support drums (ex: Eze:quL)

グロテスクロマンティッカー (Gurotesuku Romantikkaa/Grotesque Romantica) was formed in late 2002 but officially debuted in March 2003. In May they changed their name to Schwardix Marvally and toured Japan mostly with the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION entourage.

The band signed with the Third Stage-based label kapparecords and released their first mini-album, which was the final part of a series of three tributes to Visual Kei bands. The release was supported by several guests and included three covers (including a cover of Hisui’s and Airi’s former band Madeth gray’ll) and their first self-composed song. Shortly after that bassist Rum joined the trio as a permanent member.

Their first actual release was their “Heaven’s Romance” mini-album in January of 2004, shortly after which the group disbanded due to Airi’s decision to leave the music scene entirely.

Their last concert took place at Meguro Rockmaykan on April 17th 2004.
After the disbandment of Schwardix Marvally, HIZAKI launched his solo career and is currently lead guitarist in the band Versailles, Rum apparently left the music scene, and Hisui has only played in a few sessions bands.

Discography :
回顧録~第三章~ (Kaikoroku~daisanshou~): mini-album (2003.08.20)
HEAVENS ROMANCE: mini-album (2004.01.28)
~天空への物語~ (Tenkuu e no Monogatari): compilation (2007.01.01)
High Style Paradox: omnibus album (2003.09.30)

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