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After a very long hiatus, last Saturday, I went to DARK SHIBUYA, a band parade event. There were so many bands play visual kei songs, metal or even pop. But I didn’t listened to pop’s band because I was not interested in pop :p.

Here the list of bands which played on this event, as long as I remembered! Hahaha..

1. Sixtynine, I saw them played TRICKSTAR and BORN from DespairsRay. At first they were played well enough. The vocal is good and they were played in harmony. but when they played BORN, the music was a little bit messed up. The keyboard is not in a synchronic rhythm and the other guitar also. I wondered why they have to added more guitar here, because I think it’s messed up the tempo. The others have been played well. Hope they can play more beautiful next time ^^ ganbatte, ne!

2. Pochi Monchi, they are Dir en Grey’s band cover. They played Jessica, Clever Sleazoid and they also played their song called TROJAN. I enjoyed their performance. But, when they played Jessica, the tone have gone wrong a bit :p but it’s okay. I was mesmerized by their live when they played their own song, TROJAN. Their song was amazing! I like the bass played very much! The bassist played very well and professional!! That was so wonderful *0* I hope they created new song which as beautiful as TROJAN ^^.

3. BAKUHAZE, Lynch’s band cover. They played well, but please keep up the hard work, guys! Hope u all can performed better next time. From time to time, I saw u all played better and better.. so, ganbatte!!

4. LUST for VIRGIN, They played Deathgaze’s song. They played so well, the bass and the guitar were in rhythm, more over the drums, it was so good. I love Deathgaze so much! So, thank you for your performance! Make me happy! ^^ hehehe..

5. BLACK CANDLE, They played Janne Da Arc songs. I’m not into JDA, but I knew several songs from them. And I think they played good, especially the guitar! But I think the vocal was a little bit disappointed he can’t reach the high pitch well. May be because he was exhausted, but all of it they played so well. Me and my friends hold our breath when they played. Yea.. we were mesmerized by the guitars! Haha..

6. VISUAL BLOOD, band cover of Maximum The Hormone and GIRUGAMESH. I love their performance when they played DEKI AWARE from GIRUGAMESH. It’s feel so good and I went nostalgic when I heard the song. I remembered one of funny video about girugamesh. They wear a horse mask when they played DEKI AWARE. Well, to be exact it’s Nii and Ryo who wear it! xDDD.. they are so funny! Well, good performance by
VISUAL BLOOD, and I enjoyed it, guys! (thx 4 my friends who told me the right name of the band >_<)

7. BLACK FUJI, Dir en Grey’s band cover. They played good, I enjoyed their performance.

8. SUICIDE MAYA, Sadie’s band cover. They always played MEISAI, agravated melodrama, hado, etc. They were played good. It’s a little bit disappointed for me because they didn’t make up like always they did. It will give they another plus point ^^. Please keep up your band’s image.. we all have our unique site.. please be more of yourself, no matter what people’s say, ne? GANBATTE!

9. KISABAN, I didn’t saw them played, because I had went home >_<, but as long as I know, they were band cover of DEATHGAZE and MUCC. I don’t want to insult any bands or community here.. I just want to encourage them to play better and keep their hard work!! GANBATTE ne, minna! xD

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[RANDOM] My favourite Jrock & Vkei Artists

My favourite Jrock & Vkei Artists xD

The list of my favourite vkei musicians!! xDDD
well, if u look at them carefully, u'll know why i love them! :D

Backdrop Zeroshiki - Hiro (Dr)

D - Asagi (Vo)

D=OUT Minase

Daizy Stripper- Mayu (Gt)

Deathgaze - naoto (Gt)

Deluhi (ba)

DespairsRay - Tsukasa (Dr)

Dir en Grey - Die (Gt)

Doremidan - Makoto (Vo)

GHOST - kousei (Vo)

Girugamesh - Nii (Gt)

Heidi - Kirie (Dr)

Kisunate (ba)

Kra - Keiyuu (Vo)

L'arc-en~Ciel - Yuki (Dr)


LMC - Aiji (Gt)

Luna Sea - Inoran (Gt)

Lynch - Hazuki (Vo)

Matenrou Opera - Yuu (Dr)

Maverick - Kenzi (ba)

Merry - Tetsu (ba)

MUCC - Yukke (ba)

Phantasmagoria - Jun (Gt)

Plastic Tree - Ryuu (Vo)

Raphael - Kazu (Gt)

Rentrer en Soi - Ryo (ba)

Sephiro - Kakeru (ba)

Shoujo Lolita23q - Ryuto

Since1889 (Vo)

The Candy Spookie Theater - Zull (Gt)

The Gazette - Ruki (Vo)

The Studs (ba)
UNSRAW - Jun (ba)
Versailess - Kamijo (Vo)

X Japan - Hide (Gt)

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Tokyo, Japan (2004 – present)

Sel’m is a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan. The band was formed in 2004 by トラ (Tora, vocals), ツバキ (Tsubaki, guitar), 拓磨 (Takuma, bass) and MANJ” (Manji, drums). Vocalist Tora has been a member of ギルガメッシュ for a short time, while the other members of Sel’m have been roadies for bands like Dir en grey, 蜉蝣 and メリー.

In January 2008, they released their first full album “brilliant force”, before that, they have released a couple of singles.

Since November 2008 the band consists of five members, as they added a second guitarist to the line-up: Nagi, formerly member of the disbanded group Viored.

[BAND PROFILE] Chaos+System


Vocals: Kyoka
Vocals: Ben
Bass: Yuu
Drums: Kazuki
Started: 2003
Status: Active

Chaos+System was formed in Tokyo in 2003 by ex-Aliene Ma’riage vocalist Kyouka and American vocalist Ben. What started out as just an Aliene Ma’riage remix project soon evolved into a steady band who are highly active in the Tokyo Visual scene with there Visual Death Mix style. In 2005, they band began to venture outside of Japan, participating in the JROCK Convention in Los Angeles.

Source : jmignited

[BAND PROFILE] Twisted Clock/Calmando Qual

Twisted Clock/Calmando Qual

Vocals: Hibiki
Guitar: Tak
Keyboard: Tasc
Bass: Kenka
Drums: Sio
Started: 2001
Status: Active

Twisted Clock, originally known as Calmando Qual, formed in Tokyo in August 2001, consisting of Hibiki, Tak, Kenka, Tasc and Maya. Before Kenka, they briefly had a bassist called Rui, who went on to be in the band Alze:lier. On August 15th they played their first live at Ikebukuro Cyber.They played three more lives in 2001 and distirbuted their first demo, "Vision", at the last of these lives, on December 19th.

After playing several shows in 2002, including three at Yokohama Arena Sound Hall, Calmando Qual released their second demo, "Kousatu sareta risou to akai heya" and first mini-album "Killer Fiction" in 2003.

Their "[silent]" tour began in 2004 and served as good promotion for their first maxi single of the same name. The maxi single was released on April 4th and the tour concluded at Yokohama Arena Sound Hall on May 3rd. After this, Calmando Qual released their second maxi single "MORAL POLLUTION", which was followed by their tour of the same name that concluded on August 28th. On September 18th they played a two man live with Kinarura and played 5 more dates after this in 2004.

The DVD "Inner Trip", which consisted of PVs, was released on March 23rd 2005 followed by their album "Heretical God" in August and re-mix album "Mechanical Mix With Unjust Blood" in December of that year.

In January of 2006 Kenka was in a session band called Portier Oper along with Zull (The Candy Spooky Theater), Miya (Gazelle) and Johnny Ace (kharn) as part of the Zull fes. event. After this, Calmando Qual continued performing in Japan, appearing on a CD titled Mikkai with Sugar and The Candy Spooky Theater, which was distributed at a three man live in May 2006, and also toured in Europe. Following this, Maya left Calmando Qual and was replaced by Sio.

Near the end of 2006, Calmando Qual changed their band name to Twisted Clock.


Killer Fiction
Heretical God
mechanical mix with unjust blood


Demo Tapes
Kousatu Sareta Risou to Akai Heya
Inner Trip




Vocals: Fu-Ki
Bass/Synth Bass: Kaede
Guitar: Kiwamu
Started: 2002
Status: Active

This three person visual-kei group was formed in February of 2002. When talking about Blood’s history, it can be divided into three sections. The first section is from when the band was formed and two members joined.

The second period consists of the group releasing a mini album, and doing lives, including one in the United States.

But a year later, the two members that joined in 2002 left and a new vocalist was introduced. And this core group now makes up Blood, still playing today doing lives and collaboration lives with other bands. The band did a world tour which included Europe, Mexico, and the United States.

BLOOD now no longer associates themselves with visual kei. As of April 2007, they started a new concept called "Symphony of Chaos". This new concept centers around the Goth/industrial scene, featuring darker-sounding songs, new wardrobes, and more remixes of their music by other Goth/industrial artists such as Virgins O.R. Pigeons (Greece), GPKISM (Australia), Blue Birds Refuse to Fly (Greece), and Spectrum-X (Italy). The first release under this concept was the "Dead-Hearted" EP on September 15, 2007.

On May 7, 2008 they will release their fifth album and the second under this concept titled "The Reaper Behind Me", a double album featuring new remixes of their songs and the addition of live guest musician Ryo on keyboard.

They will also be headlining Alamode Night in Tokyo on April 13, 2008 and conduct a tour of Australia June 7-9, 2008, both with label-mate GPKISM. This will be the first time a "visual" band from Japan will play in Australia.

On March 17, 2008 BLOOD once again became a four-member band, the first time since their second period. They officially welcomed Ryo, who had been performing with them as a live guest membet, as their new manipulator, or keyboardist.

Best Collection 2002 - 2007
Les Fleurs du Mal
Vengeance for Blood Limited Edition
Vengeance for Blood2
1st Period DX
2nd Period DX


Brumes et Pluies - Kiri to Ame
The Funeral for Humanity
Blind (Normal version)
Blind (European version)

Free Promotion CD
Tsuioku - I remember You

Source : jmignited



Vocals: Itsuki
Guitar: Kazuki
Guitar: Satsuki
Bass: Tatsuha
Drums: Yuu
Started: 2005
Status: Active

Junpaku wo Tsuzuru Sentence
D.B.S. - Dark Bizarre Spiral-
Suisai to Ryuseigun



Vocals: U-tarou
Guitar/Programming/Synth: MIKITO
Drums: Chihiro

Started: 2005
Status: Active

Describing themselves as "Native Cybernetic Heavy Industrial Rock", electro-industrial rock band BAAL formed in 2005 after abandoning their original name, CHRONOTRIGGER. As CHRONOTRIGGER, they had toured throughout Japan and performed at events such as Android 666, The Kobe Underground Festival and Tokyo Dark Castle.

In June 2005 the band became BAAL and performed at various events including JUNK CHILDREN: SLAVES MIDNIGHT RIOT (organised by their label, BRAIN SCAN LABORATORY, which they created with the band Despair in 2005) and Tokyo Dark Castle. Since then, BAAL have continued to tour in both Japan and Europe and have also released 2 mini-albums, a single and 3 remix CDs, as well as appearing on the compilation CDs "Darkest Labyrinth", along with bands such as Despair, BLOOD and The Candy Spooky Theater, and "Dark Waters", alongside bands including Agent Murder, Aural Vampire, SPEECIES and 2Bullet.

Mini Albums
2006 Euro tour special edition


Remix CDs
Wreckage-the Dead world(Broke in it) remix
Bloody_Logic/communication-DEVIL’S SMASH ENGIN Remix
ON THE SURFACE 2006 ver.start the neo brutal

Compilation CDs
Darkest Labyrinth
Dark Waters
Source : jmignited



Vocals: Eizo Sakamoto
Guitar: Syu
Bass: Masaki
Drums: Katsuji

Started: 1996
Status: Active
GENRE : Metal

The band started as Yoshio Nomura as a guitarist and Hisashi Takeshi in 1996. Thier first single, self titled, and it was discribed as "a maniac CD, but far above any degree in music so far". Sales on it were rather large in the course of one year (approximately 15,000). Its original influences in music style were from the heavy metal band Gargoyle as well as the thrash metal band Cocobat. During the early years, Sakamoto Eizo was the vocalist, "the corpse snake" on guitar, as well as others, and Masaki on bass, not including the original members.

Later influences included Loudness, despite them having already taken Japan and many European countries (and the U.S.) by storm, as well as Vow Wow, in which they changed from the thrash/power to a more power metal style (highly influenced by Loundess’s guitarists Akira).

Throughout the years, they lost members and gained some, and for many of their albums guest members. They eventually gained much popularity and festivals were held under their name "ANIMETALIVE" in 2001, which also was in celebration of the release of their 4th album. They gained their fame as amazing musicians after their guitarist "the corpse snake" quit and after auditions, Syu from Galneryus joined. Syu, already being an amazing neo classical guitarist, added to the music nicely and thus their final band formation, at least for now, was set. Just recently they have released their 9th album, obviously not including compilations and their numerous singles.

Decade of Bravehearts
Animetal Marathon VII - Tatake Metal Hero
Animetal Marathon VI - The Sentimental
Animetal Marathon V
Animetal Marathon IV
Complete Last Live
Complete First Live
Animetal Marathon III
Animetal no Besuto (compilation)
Animetal Marathon II
Animetal Marathon I

The Animetal - Re-birth Heroes

Yuuki no Akashi
Towa no Mirai
Animetal Lady Kenzan
Animetal Summer
tokusatsu de Ikou
Animetal Lady Sanjou!
This is Animetal
The Juppongatana
Shukuteki Kenzan

[BAND PROFILE] Madeth gray'll

Madeth gray'll

An old hand in the indies scene, Madeth gray’ll were an aggressive presence from 1997 until their disbanding in January, 2001.

GENRE : dark, unique music, gothic

Vo.: 翡翠 {Hisui}
Gu.: 泉 {Izumi}
Gu.: 藍梨 {Airi}
Ba.: 雪那 {Yukina}
Dr.: 麗華 {Reika}

Hisui and Airi later joined Schwardix Marvally, while Yukina became the vocalist for Qyubere and Reika joined ドレミ團.

Demo Tapes:
呪ワレシ華ノ生命… {norowareshi hana no seimei}
黒装束の調ベ {kurishouzoku no shirabe}
聖夜に奏でる狂死曲{seiya ni kanaderu kyoushikyoku}
白昼夢の惨劇 {hakuchuumu no sangeki}
血染めの喜劇 {chizome no kigeki}
オペラ座の悲劇{operaza no higeki}
狂死楽園 {kyoushi rakuen}

十字架の結末… {juujika no ketsumatsu}
十字架の結末~第二の悲劇~ {juujika no ketsumatsu ~daini no sangeki}

Lucifer~魔境に映る呪われた罪人達と生命の終焉~ {makyou ni utsuru noruwareta tsumibitotachi to seimei no shuuen}
亡界ノ魔都~Entith de merge~ {boukai no mato}
Madeth gray’ll~悲劇ノ終幕~ {higeki no shuumaku}

[BAND PROFILE] Metis Gretel

Metis Gretel

Metis Gretel was a ‘kotekote’ visual kei (“old school” visual kei) band from Tokyo, formed in 2004.

Vocal: 翠 (Sui) now in Megaromania
Guitar: 美沙麗 (Misery) now in Megaromania
Guitar/Synth.: Rukia
Bass: 刹那 (Setsuna)
Drums: 屑希 (Kuzuki)

Guitar: 思惟 (Shii)

Before joining Metis Gretel, Misery and Setsuna were members of Яisk un logic, a kotekote band with similar style.

Metis Gretel disbanded on March 3rd, 2008.

[2004/12/17] Metamorphose
[2005/03/28] ロマネスカル・イヴ
[2005/04/08] 戯
[2005/07/27] V.A. 「Resident Of Delusion」
[2005/09/22] †Metamorphose†
[2005/09/22] V.A. Secret Garden Vol. 1
[2006/05/05] Scream Guiltily
[2006/08/05] V.A. Graceful Playboys
[2006/09/21] Fairy Tale 「-Gothic-」
[2006/09/21] Fairy Tale 「-Crystal-」
[2006/12/28] Devils Masquerade
[2007/01/XX] 名阪襲撃 - Coupling CD with ドーリスマリィ
[2007/02/14] V.A. Decadence 2007 -Human Vicious-
[2007/03/26] Devils Masquerade -Another hell-
[2007/05/XX] DEAD or DEAD-Creature Eden…to Sadness-/-Silence of Species- - Coupling CDs with GHOST
[2007/06/06] Maiden to Eden
[2007/11/28] Subliminal Dissection~悲愴ノ神戒~
[2007/11/28] Subliminal Dissection~夢幻ノ神界~
[2008/02/06] The Scene of Transmigration

[BAND PROFILE] Deshabillz


Deshabillz were a Visual Kei band lead by vocalist SHUN, author of all lyrics and creator of the band concept, an obscure and melancholic image, painted in gothic-decadent poetry and music. Main composer was the talented guitarist SHI-NO, capable of writing original songs in gothic rock style enriched by baroque guitarworks. The band name “Deshabillz” comes from French word “déshabillez”, meaning devoid/deprived/stripped, and is pronounced “dezabiyé”.

SHUN: vocals (start - end)
SHI-NO: guitar (1993/12/20 - end)
Hizumi: bass (1995 - 1998/5/7)
KAZUKI: drums (1997/9/25 - end)

ex members:
MATSU: guitar (start - 1993)
FUAY: guitar (start - 1993)
YUJI: bass (start - 1993)
SHAISUKE: bass (1993)
HIROSHI: bass (1993/12/29 - 1994/3/30)
JUN: drums (start - 1994/6/12)
Shigure: bass (1994/6/12 - late 1994)
TOSHIYUKI: drums (1994/11/10 - 1997/2/16)

Shinjuusha [1994/6/12]
Seishin Ridatsusha [1994/11/10]
Sukashi mayu [1996/8/1]
Hakuga no Tsubasa [1996/8/1]
~Shakunetsu no Sou~ [1997/2/3]
Gekiyaku Kigeki (major label: Atlantic) [1997/9/25]
Shinjitsu no Omocha Hako [1999/5/7]

Fuhou Shuukai
Sou i Shutsu dakede Mirai no Mu i, Bunretsu Kimi no Nin ni…
Dorei demo, Kage demo iikara, Sokubaku shite Yokushii anata e…
Shaterarete Daraku shite, Jisatsushitai Nin ni…
Shiki made ni… Dokusai wo [1995/7/15]
Reikoku ka Samidare ka… [1996/12/31]
Kuusou Meinichi
Shakunetsu no Sou [1997/2/16]
Rakuten Byousha (major) [1998/1/25]

Uragiri no Chi Butai [1994/6/12]
Uragiri no chi butai ~kanketsu hen~ [1994/x/x]
Jubaku no Shoumei [1994/12/3]
Jousho ~ Yoku ekirenai Shoudou [1995/2/28]
Dainishou ~ Zansatsu Kuse [1995/3/10]
Daisanshou ~ Minasatsu shino Keishou [1995/3/20]
Saishuushou ~ Zange no Ketsumatsu [1995/4/1]
Chinmaku no Daishou [1996/x/x]
Tenjoukai no Tobira [1996/7/1]
Soushitsu no Miyako [1996/11/1]
Rakuten Byousha (major) [1998/1/25]

Reste la [1993/3]
D [1993/10/24]
…Zan Yume… [1993/12/20]
Juunpaku no Megami [1993/12/21]
DEAD FINAL JUNK [1993/12/21]

NEO ROCKS [1994/3/30]
forbidden Vol.1 [1995]
SACRED SEEDS ~Stairs to the moon~ [1995/7/1]



Vocals: Yukari
Guitar: Mizuki
Guitar: Rei
Bass: Shaisuke (deceased)
Drums: Katsura

Started: 1991
Status: Disbanded


Baiser was created in 1991 by Yukari along with Hiderou and Akane on guitar, and Haiji on bass. Gaz was their support drummer until he was replaced by Akihiro in 1993.

In 1993, they released their demo tape (only 100 copies known to exist, they were distributed to Baiser’s classmates) and participated in a few compilation albums. They gathered in fans with their dark image and released their debut album Seppun Kuchizuke, in 1994.

Another lineup change occurs and Akihiro leaves the band. He’s replaced by Toshimi in 1995. After this Baiser starts work on their second album, Ash. After the release of this album, Baiser began appearing on other compilation discs and their fame rose greatly.

‘96 is not a good year for the band however. They decide to break up due to musical differences. However, the very next year, Yukari decided to recruit new members, and reform Baiser. Shaisuke (former Penicillin), Katsura (former Shazna), and Mizuki and Rei (former IRIS) join the band, and Baiser becomes active again!

In ‘98 Baiser releases a great amount of musical works, (two singles, three mini-albums, one full album, three videos) and they signed with a major record label in ‘99. They also release their new single Prism.

With the success of Prism Baiser releases more singles and launches their tour, Prismatic Colors. In 2,000 they release what is to be their last maxi-single, Pegasus. After a long time of inactivity they state they will be breaking up Jan. 5th, 2001. (Ten years after they formed) Baiser is credited with helping the birth of visual kei. They are a major influence of vocals, sound, and visual style.

DISCOGRAPHY :Albums and Mini
2002-09-25 Kaleidoscope/En Fleur
2002-08-21 ASH
2002-07-24 seppun
1999-11-10 hana
1998-10-10 La luna
1998-04-25 Kaleidoscope 1998-03-01 En Fleur
1995-02-25 ASH
1994-06-12 seppun ~kuchizuke~
Singles and Maxi
2000-05-03 Pegasus
1999-10-01 doku
1999-09-11 Paradise Lost ~the case of Eve~
1999-08-11 Angel
1999-05-21 Prism CD
1999-04-01 Paradise Lost -the case of Adam-
1998-11-26 Psychoballet CDS single
1998-09-00 kuchizuke - Lawson special Edit
1998-07-29 kuchizuke
1995-02-00 Fleur de fleurs
Source :

Tsukachi’s note :
From all the albums and singles, I love their song “Angel” and “Prism” :D

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Name: 儿 (Jin)
Part: Vomiter (vocalist)
Birthday: xx/xx
Blood Type:  O
Favorite Brand: Dior Homme
Love: tomato juice
Hate: myself
Dream: Nega (negative)
Cigarette: -

Name: SAN
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 4/25
Blood Type:  A
Favorite Brand: nothing in particular
Love: horror; movies &games
Hate: Mimi caterpillar
Dream: global acknowledgement
Cigarette: 吸わない

Name: Ray
Part: Bass
Birthday: 4/20
Blood Type:  O
Favorite Brand: ナンバーナイン
Love: alcohol, sake
Hate: Mr. G
Dream: Secret
Cigarette: SEVEN STAR

Name: 優 (Yuu)
Part: Drum
Birthday: 8/19
Blood Type: A
Favorite Brand: BVLGARI
Love: green tea for ceremonies, yoghurt
Hate: bad persons
Dream: round-the-world trip
Cigarette: 吸いません

Jrock/Visual Kei

Record Label: