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Vocals: U-tarou
Guitar/Programming/Synth: MIKITO
Drums: Chihiro

Started: 2005
Status: Active

Describing themselves as "Native Cybernetic Heavy Industrial Rock", electro-industrial rock band BAAL formed in 2005 after abandoning their original name, CHRONOTRIGGER. As CHRONOTRIGGER, they had toured throughout Japan and performed at events such as Android 666, The Kobe Underground Festival and Tokyo Dark Castle.

In June 2005 the band became BAAL and performed at various events including JUNK CHILDREN: SLAVES MIDNIGHT RIOT (organised by their label, BRAIN SCAN LABORATORY, which they created with the band Despair in 2005) and Tokyo Dark Castle. Since then, BAAL have continued to tour in both Japan and Europe and have also released 2 mini-albums, a single and 3 remix CDs, as well as appearing on the compilation CDs "Darkest Labyrinth", along with bands such as Despair, BLOOD and The Candy Spooky Theater, and "Dark Waters", alongside bands including Agent Murder, Aural Vampire, SPEECIES and 2Bullet.

Mini Albums
2006 Euro tour special edition


Remix CDs
Wreckage-the Dead world(Broke in it) remix
Bloody_Logic/communication-DEVIL’S SMASH ENGIN Remix
ON THE SURFACE 2006 ver.start the neo brutal

Compilation CDs
Darkest Labyrinth
Dark Waters
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