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Vocals: Eizo Sakamoto
Guitar: Syu
Bass: Masaki
Drums: Katsuji

Started: 1996
Status: Active
GENRE : Metal

The band started as Yoshio Nomura as a guitarist and Hisashi Takeshi in 1996. Thier first single, self titled, and it was discribed as "a maniac CD, but far above any degree in music so far". Sales on it were rather large in the course of one year (approximately 15,000). Its original influences in music style were from the heavy metal band Gargoyle as well as the thrash metal band Cocobat. During the early years, Sakamoto Eizo was the vocalist, "the corpse snake" on guitar, as well as others, and Masaki on bass, not including the original members.

Later influences included Loudness, despite them having already taken Japan and many European countries (and the U.S.) by storm, as well as Vow Wow, in which they changed from the thrash/power to a more power metal style (highly influenced by Loundess’s guitarists Akira).

Throughout the years, they lost members and gained some, and for many of their albums guest members. They eventually gained much popularity and festivals were held under their name "ANIMETALIVE" in 2001, which also was in celebration of the release of their 4th album. They gained their fame as amazing musicians after their guitarist "the corpse snake" quit and after auditions, Syu from Galneryus joined. Syu, already being an amazing neo classical guitarist, added to the music nicely and thus their final band formation, at least for now, was set. Just recently they have released their 9th album, obviously not including compilations and their numerous singles.

Decade of Bravehearts
Animetal Marathon VII - Tatake Metal Hero
Animetal Marathon VI - The Sentimental
Animetal Marathon V
Animetal Marathon IV
Complete Last Live
Complete First Live
Animetal Marathon III
Animetal no Besuto (compilation)
Animetal Marathon II
Animetal Marathon I

The Animetal - Re-birth Heroes

Yuuki no Akashi
Towa no Mirai
Animetal Lady Kenzan
Animetal Summer
tokusatsu de Ikou
Animetal Lady Sanjou!
This is Animetal
The Juppongatana
Shukuteki Kenzan

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