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Vocals: Yukari
Guitar: Mizuki
Guitar: Rei
Bass: Shaisuke (deceased)
Drums: Katsura

Started: 1991
Status: Disbanded


Baiser was created in 1991 by Yukari along with Hiderou and Akane on guitar, and Haiji on bass. Gaz was their support drummer until he was replaced by Akihiro in 1993.

In 1993, they released their demo tape (only 100 copies known to exist, they were distributed to Baiser’s classmates) and participated in a few compilation albums. They gathered in fans with their dark image and released their debut album Seppun Kuchizuke, in 1994.

Another lineup change occurs and Akihiro leaves the band. He’s replaced by Toshimi in 1995. After this Baiser starts work on their second album, Ash. After the release of this album, Baiser began appearing on other compilation discs and their fame rose greatly.

‘96 is not a good year for the band however. They decide to break up due to musical differences. However, the very next year, Yukari decided to recruit new members, and reform Baiser. Shaisuke (former Penicillin), Katsura (former Shazna), and Mizuki and Rei (former IRIS) join the band, and Baiser becomes active again!

In ‘98 Baiser releases a great amount of musical works, (two singles, three mini-albums, one full album, three videos) and they signed with a major record label in ‘99. They also release their new single Prism.

With the success of Prism Baiser releases more singles and launches their tour, Prismatic Colors. In 2,000 they release what is to be their last maxi-single, Pegasus. After a long time of inactivity they state they will be breaking up Jan. 5th, 2001. (Ten years after they formed) Baiser is credited with helping the birth of visual kei. They are a major influence of vocals, sound, and visual style.

DISCOGRAPHY :Albums and Mini
2002-09-25 Kaleidoscope/En Fleur
2002-08-21 ASH
2002-07-24 seppun
1999-11-10 hana
1998-10-10 La luna
1998-04-25 Kaleidoscope 1998-03-01 En Fleur
1995-02-25 ASH
1994-06-12 seppun ~kuchizuke~
Singles and Maxi
2000-05-03 Pegasus
1999-10-01 doku
1999-09-11 Paradise Lost ~the case of Eve~
1999-08-11 Angel
1999-05-21 Prism CD
1999-04-01 Paradise Lost -the case of Adam-
1998-11-26 Psychoballet CDS single
1998-09-00 kuchizuke - Lawson special Edit
1998-07-29 kuchizuke
1995-02-00 Fleur de fleurs
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Tsukachi’s note :
From all the albums and singles, I love their song “Angel” and “Prism” :D

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