Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[BAND PROFILE] Metis Gretel

Metis Gretel

Metis Gretel was a ‘kotekote’ visual kei (“old school” visual kei) band from Tokyo, formed in 2004.

Vocal: 翠 (Sui) now in Megaromania
Guitar: 美沙麗 (Misery) now in Megaromania
Guitar/Synth.: Rukia
Bass: 刹那 (Setsuna)
Drums: 屑希 (Kuzuki)

Guitar: 思惟 (Shii)

Before joining Metis Gretel, Misery and Setsuna were members of Яisk un logic, a kotekote band with similar style.

Metis Gretel disbanded on March 3rd, 2008.

[2004/12/17] Metamorphose
[2005/03/28] ロマネスカル・イヴ
[2005/04/08] 戯
[2005/07/27] V.A. 「Resident Of Delusion」
[2005/09/22] †Metamorphose†
[2005/09/22] V.A. Secret Garden Vol. 1
[2006/05/05] Scream Guiltily
[2006/08/05] V.A. Graceful Playboys
[2006/09/21] Fairy Tale 「-Gothic-」
[2006/09/21] Fairy Tale 「-Crystal-」
[2006/12/28] Devils Masquerade
[2007/01/XX] 名阪襲撃 - Coupling CD with ドーリスマリィ
[2007/02/14] V.A. Decadence 2007 -Human Vicious-
[2007/03/26] Devils Masquerade -Another hell-
[2007/05/XX] DEAD or DEAD-Creature Eden…to Sadness-/-Silence of Species- - Coupling CDs with GHOST
[2007/06/06] Maiden to Eden
[2007/11/28] Subliminal Dissection~悲愴ノ神戒~
[2007/11/28] Subliminal Dissection~夢幻ノ神界~
[2008/02/06] The Scene of Transmigration

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