Monday, July 27, 2009



After a very long hiatus, last Saturday, I went to DARK SHIBUYA, a band parade event. There were so many bands play visual kei songs, metal or even pop. But I didn’t listened to pop’s band because I was not interested in pop :p.

Here the list of bands which played on this event, as long as I remembered! Hahaha..

1. Sixtynine, I saw them played TRICKSTAR and BORN from DespairsRay. At first they were played well enough. The vocal is good and they were played in harmony. but when they played BORN, the music was a little bit messed up. The keyboard is not in a synchronic rhythm and the other guitar also. I wondered why they have to added more guitar here, because I think it’s messed up the tempo. The others have been played well. Hope they can play more beautiful next time ^^ ganbatte, ne!

2. Pochi Monchi, they are Dir en Grey’s band cover. They played Jessica, Clever Sleazoid and they also played their song called TROJAN. I enjoyed their performance. But, when they played Jessica, the tone have gone wrong a bit :p but it’s okay. I was mesmerized by their live when they played their own song, TROJAN. Their song was amazing! I like the bass played very much! The bassist played very well and professional!! That was so wonderful *0* I hope they created new song which as beautiful as TROJAN ^^.

3. BAKUHAZE, Lynch’s band cover. They played well, but please keep up the hard work, guys! Hope u all can performed better next time. From time to time, I saw u all played better and better.. so, ganbatte!!

4. LUST for VIRGIN, They played Deathgaze’s song. They played so well, the bass and the guitar were in rhythm, more over the drums, it was so good. I love Deathgaze so much! So, thank you for your performance! Make me happy! ^^ hehehe..

5. BLACK CANDLE, They played Janne Da Arc songs. I’m not into JDA, but I knew several songs from them. And I think they played good, especially the guitar! But I think the vocal was a little bit disappointed he can’t reach the high pitch well. May be because he was exhausted, but all of it they played so well. Me and my friends hold our breath when they played. Yea.. we were mesmerized by the guitars! Haha..

6. VISUAL BLOOD, band cover of Maximum The Hormone and GIRUGAMESH. I love their performance when they played DEKI AWARE from GIRUGAMESH. It’s feel so good and I went nostalgic when I heard the song. I remembered one of funny video about girugamesh. They wear a horse mask when they played DEKI AWARE. Well, to be exact it’s Nii and Ryo who wear it! xDDD.. they are so funny! Well, good performance by
VISUAL BLOOD, and I enjoyed it, guys! (thx 4 my friends who told me the right name of the band >_<)

7. BLACK FUJI, Dir en Grey’s band cover. They played good, I enjoyed their performance.

8. SUICIDE MAYA, Sadie’s band cover. They always played MEISAI, agravated melodrama, hado, etc. They were played good. It’s a little bit disappointed for me because they didn’t make up like always they did. It will give they another plus point ^^. Please keep up your band’s image.. we all have our unique site.. please be more of yourself, no matter what people’s say, ne? GANBATTE!

9. KISABAN, I didn’t saw them played, because I had went home >_<, but as long as I know, they were band cover of DEATHGAZE and MUCC. I don’t want to insult any bands or community here.. I just want to encourage them to play better and keep their hard work!! GANBATTE ne, minna! xD


  1. jiahhh, 9 band and you say just a few band that you can remember.. even the names and the songs...

    what a freak you've got.. hahaha...

  2. well, I forgot some of them :)) i was planned to take a note next time :D

  3. reporter wanna be, right rechan? =))

    okay now, sleep tight please.
    coz tomorrow you must prepare my breakfast... ;)

  4. heee??? nani?? in your dream, baka! :))

    just want to practice my english >_<
    anyway, thx 4 your comments..