Friday, January 3, 2014

[PICT] Hiroshi Morie aka HEATH (Ba, X Japan)

I luv HEATH from X Japan! I luv X JAPAN! :D :D
Well, as I told you before, I like bassists! xD
HEATH is now 45 years old, but he still looks HOT!
He is the youngest member of X Japan..
yeaa as I told you on the previous post, Yoshiki (Dr) is now about 50 years old.. but he also still looks hot :D

Toshi (Vo, left) and HEATH (Ba, Right)

HEATH (Ba, left), Sugizo (Dr, Middle) and Pata (Gt, Right)


  1. heath is the most loved member of X Japan and the sweetest person i have ever had the pleasure of meeting

    1. hi PJ.. sorry i was just read your comment xO
      do you like HEATH? me too! I agree that he's the loveliest member from X! xD

    2. and... i just realized,, that.. WHATT?? you had met him personally? OH MY, I'm really envy you >_<