Sunday, January 12, 2014

[RANDOM] The prettiest Vkei?? And also other categories haha

Haha.. I just read some blog and they posted about who is the prettiest vkei musician? XD

I think if pretty category means looks very beautiful, feminine (in a way their costume). So, for me, top 3 of the prettiest are :

1. Tsunehito (Ba, D)

2.  Hizaki (Gt, Versailles, Jupiter)

3. Ruiza (Gt, D)

If the category is the sexiest, so the top 3 are :
1. Izumi (Vo, D'espairsRay)

2. Uruha (Gt, The Gazette)

3. Yoshiki (Dr, X Japan)

For category the cutiest xD :
1. Takeru (Vo, SuG)

2. Tsukasa (Dr, D'espairsRay)

3. Ruki (Vo, The Gazette)

For category the manliest :
1. Ryo (Ba, Rentrer en Soi)

2. Syuu (Gt, Galneryus)

3. Heath (Ba, X Japan)

3. Hidezou (Gt, D) I couldn't decided Heath or Hidezou! xD

The most adorkable bands xD :
1. D'espairsRay

2. D

3. Girugamesh

The coolest member :
1. Die (Gt, Dir en Grey)

2. Karyu (Gt, ex D'espairsRay, Angelo)

3. Hazuki (Vo, Lynch, ex Deathgaze)

Haha other categories? Hmmm.. I'll think some later hihihi...

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