Sunday, January 12, 2014


Last time I mentioned about DIAURA b'coz they're appeared as COVER for CURE Magazine..
So I'm curious about them hehehe...
Here is their profile ^^


The band was formed in 2010, and still active at present..

Members :
Vocal : yo-ka(ex. Icy. → メガマソ (ローディ) → Marely, → ヴァルナ)

Guitar : 佳衣-Kei- (previously as ケイ)(ex. Bunny drug → Adolf → CRIMSON → ヴァルナ)

Bass : 翔也-Shoya-(ex. Dizly)

Drums : 達也-Tatsuya-(ex. DIS★Marionette → 楽團孤独 → Ronove)

ex-Member :
Drums: 勇-Yuu-(ex.Marely, → ヴァルナ)

2011.01.19 「失翼の聖域」 -Shitsu tsubasa no seiiki- (Demo Single)
2011.02.23 「Beautiful Creature」(1st Single) 
2011.02.xx SHOXX 誌上限定オムニバスアルバム「Explosion Showcase」(オムニバス) 収録曲 : Virgin Mary
2011.03.21 「クリスタルBOX」(Fans Collection CD Box set)
2012.03.21 「クリスタルBOX」限定特典CD「Ms.psycho」(Fans Collection CD Box set Limited Single)
2011.06.15 「Beautiful Creature」(1st Single 2nd Press)
2011.08.10 「DICTATOR」(1st MINI ALBUM)
2011.08.10 「IF」(Limited Free CD when purchase both TYPES of 1st Mini Album 「DICTATOR」)
2011.08.30 「メビウスリング」(Live Sold only Limited Single @ ONEMAN LIVE「独-DICTATOR-裁」)
2011.09.XX 「an Insanity」(1st Demo Tape -99 Limited-)
2011.11.02 「Imperial”CORE”」(2nd Single)
2011.11.30 「MASTER」(1st PV Single)
2011.11.30 「2011.8.30(Tue) 独-DICTATOR-裁」(Live Clip DVD)
2012.02.29 「EPK-Electric Press Kit- DIAURA」(Special CD-Rom with Music Clips / Profile…etc.)
2012.03.21 「GENESIS」(1st FULL ALBUM)
2012.05.23 「Counteraction ―V-Rock covered Visual Anime songs Compilation―」(オムニバス) 収録曲 : endless loop (Originaly by ROUAGE)

Several PVs  of DIAURA:



DIAURA - Beautiful Creature

well, I had listened their songs.. but.. unfortunately, I'm not into DIAURA.. O_o gomen ne :p
how about you? ^^

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