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anyone knows? this band was formed in 1983 ^_^
well, I had not born yet at that time hahahahah..

they were disbanded on 1990, but then they reunite on 2007, and still active until now! yay!
some old bands now reunite! xD
I hope D'espairsRay also will reunite in the future =)


The members of D'erlanger are credited exclusively by their stage names.

Ichiro "Cipher" Takigawa (瀧川 一郎 Takigawa Ichirō?) – guitar, backing vocals 1983–1990, 2007–present (→Body, Craze)

Tomohiro "Seela" Nakao (中尾 朋宏 Nakao Tomohiro?) – bass, backing vocals 1983–1990, 2007–present (→Fix, Vinyl, Atomic Zaza, No Stars Innovation)

Tetsu Kikuchi (菊地 哲 Kikuchi Tetsu?) – drums 1987–1990, 2007–present (ex:Rabbit, Dead Wire, Saver Tiger, Mephistopheles,→Zi:Kill, Body, Craze)

Hiroshi "Kyo" Isono (磯野 宏 Isono Hiroshi?) – vocals 1988–1990, 2007–present (ex:Runaway Boys, Dead Wire, Saver Tiger, Ba-Ra,→Die in Cries, Bug)

Former members
Kaoru Miyahira (宮平 薫 Miyahara Kaoru?) – vocals 1983–1984
Tadashi "Shi-Do" Uno (宇野 忠 Uno Tadashi?) – drums 1983–1987
Yoshifumi "Dizzy" Fukui (福井 祥史 Fukui Yoshifumi?) – vocals 1984–1988 (→Strawberry Fields, Vinyl)


La Vie En Rose (February 10, 1989), Oricon Albums Chart Peak Position: No. 25

Basilisk (March 7, 1990) No. 5

Lazzaro (March 14, 2007) No. 32
The Price of Being a Rose is Loneliness (April 30, 2008) No. 22

D'erlanger (November 11, 2009) No. 19
#Sixx (May 22, 2013) No. 16

Live albums
Moon and the Memories... the Eternities Last Live 1 (March 6, 1991) No. 5
Moon and the Memories... the Eternities Last Live 2 (March 6, 1991) No. 7

#Sixx -Discordantly- (December 18, 2013)

Compilation albums
Pandora (March 14, 2007, greatest hits compilation with DVD) No. 54
A Fabulous Thing in Rose (September 29, 2010, self-cover album) No. 26

"Girl" (February 20, 1987)
"La Vie En Rose" (January 1989)
"Darlin'" (January 21, 1990), Oricon Singles Chart Peak Position: No. 9
"Lullaby -1990-" (September 5, 1990, cassette & CD contain different B-sides) No. 12
"Zakuro" (柘榴?, March 19, 2008) No. 26

"Tonight" (1984)
"The Birth of Splendid Beast!!" (December 26, 1985)
"Blue" (1985)
"Sadistic Emotion" (February 22, 1987)

An Aphrodisiac (October 15, 1989)
La Vie En Rose (October 28, 1989, given by lottery at a Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo gig)
Incarnation of Eroticism ~Live at Hibiya Yaon~ (February 7, 1990)
Kid's Blue PYX '90 SPR (March 1990, sold with a magazine)
Kindan no Tobira ~Abstinence's Door~ (禁断の扉 ~Abstinence's Door~?, October 3, 1990)
Moon and the Memories... the Eternities/Last Video (March 31, 1991)

Incarnation of Eroticism ~Live at Hibiya Yaon~ (May 23, 2001)
Kindan no Tobira ~Abstinence's Door~ (禁断の扉 ~Abstinence's Door~?, May 23, 2001)
Moon and the Memories... the Eternities/Last Video (May 23, 2001)
Bara Iro no Sekai (薔薇色の視界?, September 19, 2007), Oricon DVDs Chart Peak Position: No. 16
Bara Iro no Jinsei -La Vie En Rose- (薔薇色の人生 -La Vie En Rose-?, December 10, 2008) No. 36
13e Cross Intoxication (March 24, 2010) No. 63
Deep Inside of You (September 28, 2011, DVD & CD) No. 25

#Sixx -Flick- (December 18, 2013)

Some of their PVs

Some of their live performance

my fav. song!
La vie en rose xD


Now, they were on TOUR!
Info HERE.
I wish I can see them, but still impossible T_T

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