Thursday, January 2, 2014

[PICT] Another Choo Kawaii Takeru-kun (Vo, SuG) Picts!

I think I've also fallen for Takeru-kun! gyaboo!

Casual look of Takeru is... HOT!

gyabooo!! choo kawaii :D :D

ohh no.. Takeru-kun wearing glasses is... adorable!! xD
I like his glasses! fufufufufu...

awwwhh,, I wanna ride with u, Takeru-kun! xD

Drooollsss!!! xD xD

Ohh.. no!!! I like him! xD

so.. ehhmm.. enough of fangirling today? xD xD
NOT YET!! I want Takeru kun mooooreeee!! #guling2 lol

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