Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[BAND PROFILE] Twisted Clock/Calmando Qual

Twisted Clock/Calmando Qual

Vocals: Hibiki
Guitar: Tak
Keyboard: Tasc
Bass: Kenka
Drums: Sio
Started: 2001
Status: Active

Twisted Clock, originally known as Calmando Qual, formed in Tokyo in August 2001, consisting of Hibiki, Tak, Kenka, Tasc and Maya. Before Kenka, they briefly had a bassist called Rui, who went on to be in the band Alze:lier. On August 15th they played their first live at Ikebukuro Cyber.They played three more lives in 2001 and distirbuted their first demo, "Vision", at the last of these lives, on December 19th.

After playing several shows in 2002, including three at Yokohama Arena Sound Hall, Calmando Qual released their second demo, "Kousatu sareta risou to akai heya" and first mini-album "Killer Fiction" in 2003.

Their "[silent]" tour began in 2004 and served as good promotion for their first maxi single of the same name. The maxi single was released on April 4th and the tour concluded at Yokohama Arena Sound Hall on May 3rd. After this, Calmando Qual released their second maxi single "MORAL POLLUTION", which was followed by their tour of the same name that concluded on August 28th. On September 18th they played a two man live with Kinarura and played 5 more dates after this in 2004.

The DVD "Inner Trip", which consisted of PVs, was released on March 23rd 2005 followed by their album "Heretical God" in August and re-mix album "Mechanical Mix With Unjust Blood" in December of that year.

In January of 2006 Kenka was in a session band called Portier Oper along with Zull (The Candy Spooky Theater), Miya (Gazelle) and Johnny Ace (kharn) as part of the Zull fes. event. After this, Calmando Qual continued performing in Japan, appearing on a CD titled Mikkai with Sugar and The Candy Spooky Theater, which was distributed at a three man live in May 2006, and also toured in Europe. Following this, Maya left Calmando Qual and was replaced by Sio.

Near the end of 2006, Calmando Qual changed their band name to Twisted Clock.


Killer Fiction
Heretical God
mechanical mix with unjust blood


Demo Tapes
Kousatu Sareta Risou to Akai Heya
Inner Trip

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