Sunday, May 1, 2011

[BAND PROFILE] Charlotte

Members :
Vocals: Kazuno
Guitar: Touya
Guitar: Mitsujou
Bass: Ruka
Drums: Takane

Started: 2000
Status: Active

With "school" as their main theme as well as wearing school uniforms, Oshare Kei band Charlotte known for their cute punk rock style made their "test band" debut in December of 2000 during a live at Yokohama with Kazuno on vocals, Takane on drums, Ruka on bass and support member Mitsujou on guitar. Before their first official live on February 21st 2001, Mitsujou would become a permanent member of the band making Charlotte almost complete. Their last member Touya would later join in November 2001.

Along side bands such as Kra and Duel Jewel, Charlotte participated in various events before releasing their first maxi-single B kyuu idol densetu in September of 2001. In December of that same year they were featured on a compilation album titled Yougenkyou ?star-. More compilation albums would follow in 2003 Hysteric media zone IV and Loop of life III just to name a few. Their second maxi-single, Yokohama love story which sold out upon pre-order was released a few months later in April. Not wanting the fans unable to get their copy to miss out Charlotte did a second press release on May 21st which like the first time sold out also. The bands third maxi-single Otona no kijun released on July 21st would also sell out along with their first one-man at Takadanobaba on August 17th. A second press release of Otona no kijun a few days would contain an extra bonus track.

September and November had the band performing at various events and in October a coupling CD with the band Mask titled Tobe, tobe oyuuki would be released. The maxi-single would reach number four on the Oricon Indies chart.

Gakuen jigoku, their first mini album was released on January 1st 2004. In May their single Koi shinbou mansee!! reached number 6 on the Oricon Indies charts. And another coupling CD this time with the band R*A*P called Uchuu Gakuen.

Their first DVD. called ’Natsuyasumi no Omoide ga Oppai - Saigo no XX Happyo’, was released in two versions: ’Yoko ban’ and ’Hama ban’. They both contained live footage and PV’s. A second mini-album called Ryuunen kettei would be released in April of 2005.

Discography :
Albums/Mini Albums
Osharu no Gakkou Futatsu Goukan
Ryuunen Kettei
Gakuen jigoku

Yokohama Love Story / Diamond Busaiku
Koi shinbou mansee!!
Otona no kijun-2
Otona no kijun
Yokohama Love Story 2
Yokohama Love Story
B kyuu idol densetsu

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