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Temari (Vo)
Kazuki (Gt)
Yuu (Gt)
Tsubame (Ba)

ex member :
Tarou (Gt)
Keito (Dr)

Started: 2002
Status: Active


The band started in October 2002 and soon after that they played their first live (October 17th). In the beginning, the members in Luvie were: Temari (vocals), Kazuki (guitar), Tarou (guitar), Tsubame (bass), Keito (drums). After that they concentrated on their first demo and at the same time, their first two songs were included on a omnibus cd. Some time later Tarou, the guitarist, left the band and for a year they were a quartet.

In 2004, they finally recorded their first mini album "Rubic Cube" and it came as a big success. On August 29th, Luvie succeeded in playing their first concert in Meguro.

In February 2005, Yuu joined Luvie as the new guitarist. The band recorded a new maxi single called "Kuroneko". Soon after, two other singles were released: "Sleepy Under Sun" and "Invisible Sun". That year, they also did a coupling tour with Girugamesh which ended with a live in Shibuya O-West.

Things were going great and Luvie announced that they would release a new album. Suddenly, Keito (drummer), decided to leave the band. Since he left, there has been no further news of a new album.

Sleepy Under Sun

Mini Albums
Rubic Cube

Irony Sun Light
Primitive Moon Light
the Red florid ELIXIR
Invisible Sun
Katsumoku Torikorooru

Tsukachi's note :

Hey there, minna~~~ o hisashiburii >_____<
it's been a very long time i didn't open my blog.. and i didn't have much time for updating T_T.. gomenasai.. i've been so busy with my real life.. and it's sucks.. T_T

well, by the way.. i'll go to JAPAN this month! yay!! I'll visit TOKYO and TSUKUBA, to be exactly.. although it is just for 2 weeks, and not for a holiday T_T.. yes,, not a holiday.. because i still have to attending seminars and doing my research.. but well, this is still a good opportunity to go there.. i'll take pictures as much as possible!! xD.. and hopefully i can find visual kei stuff and so on when i get days off >_< AND FOR SURE i HAVE to GET days off to get travelling around TOKYO! i don;t want to waste this opportunity, of course! :)) well, just wish me good luck :D

then, see u with another update from me and please don;t get bored with my stupid rants about my life >_< hehehhe.. c u.. hope u like the band's profile ^^ i like LUVIE.. so i hope u'll like it too :D

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