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Live Report from Pre-Event Japanese Festival Revolution (JFR)

Live Report from Pre-Event Japanese Festival Revolution (JFR) @ Pizet Mall, July 12, 2008 by tsukachi_chan ^^

(special edition : pochi monchi ^^)

At 12 july, on Saturday, there was an event called Pre-Event Japanese Festival Revolution (JFR). At this event, there were so many band’s performance! It’s start from 12.00 in the afternoon until 10.00 pm. If I recalled, the bands were :

1. Pochi Monchi, Band cover of Dir en Grey

2. Senritsu, Band cover of Malice Mizer, D

3. Victorian, Band cover of Versailess

4. Raven, sorry I forgot about them T_T

5. Black Fuji, sorry I forgot about them too T__T

6. Raito, Band Cover of DespairsRay and Gazette

7. Kei, Band cover of Gazette

8. Tokugawa, what the hell am I doing? I can’t remember this band too.. gomen T___T

9. Himezo, Band cover of Sadie

10. La Lumierre, band cover of Versailess, Hizaki Grace Project

11. Red Hydrant, played anime song

12. Bakuhatsu, band cover of Lynch, Gilgamesh and Dir en Grey

From all those bands performance, I think I like Raito..Hehehe..because I love DespairsRay very much!! (>.<)// They played Reddish Diva!! (my favorite song from DespairsRay) and TRICKSTAR!! And one of Gazette song (I forgot the title, sorry).. They played great!! Very neat and beautiful, except for Gazette song, they played messily.. The vocal is good, the rhythm is good and I was surprise they played DespairsRay’s Song..It was so rare because usually the bands always cover Dir en Grey, Gazette, L’arc-en~ciel, Luna SEA, or MUCC. It was so boring to hear them played the same songs in every event. Well, not because I don’t like the songs. But, I just want to hear another vKei song ^^..

Another great band is victorian! they played my favorite song..which is..SHOUT and BITES! wihiiii~ song by Versailess.. I lov that song..very much! very powerfull drumming :D and great vocal by kamijo..^^.. And here is list of songs that played in this event :

1. POCHI MONCHI : GRIEF, OBSCURE, The III Empire (all song from Dir en Grey)
2. Kei : Cockroach (Gazette) , RUDER (Gazette), Chizuru (Gazette), BLOODY Heaven of bajin (create by Kei)
3. Victorian : SHOUTS and BITES (Versailess), Front (Baiser)
4. Raito : Reddish Diva and TRICK STAR (DespairsRay), one song from Gazette (I forgot the title, gomen)
5. Senritsu : Bel Air, Gensorakuen and BRISE (Malice Mizer)
6. Himezo : Children of Despair, MEISAI (Sadie), Dust in Fucker Life, Melancholia
7. Bakuhatsu90 : Clever Sleazoid (Dir en Grey), Roaring in The Dark (Lynch), Volcano (Gilgamesh)
8. La Lumierre : Revenant Choir (Versailess),

yupz.. that's all I can remember.. special thx to : Sai (Senritsu), Zachan, Yasu (Bakuhatsu90), v_man and Ardha (Pochi Monchi), Ichi (Senritsu, for the free pass ticket, arigatou~), Meji (Kei), Unohitto (La Lumierre).. thanx a lot guys.. for your informations ^^

Now, I will introduce one of those bands whose played at this event.. they are POCHI MONCHI!!! Yeah.. they are my friends..hehehhe..^^ Well, as I wrote before, they were band cover of Dir en Grey ^^.. Here are the band formation :

Vocal : Firman (v_man)
Lead Guitar : Ardha (Die)

Rhythm + Keyboard : Sandi
Bass : Dikky (Totchi)

Drum : Budi (Bodhi)

They played 3 songs that is GRIEF, OBSCURE and The 3rd Empire..They played great! But, sadly there were a little of spectators when they performed. Yeah.. I think this was the committee’s faults.. They promised that the event will held at 10.00 am but they begun the show at 12.00! what the hell.. They said this was for band vote..but with this condition.. this wasn’t fair for them.. Yeah.. but.. whatever.. I hope at next event they will on time.

To make the performance more lively, me and another spectator are headbang!! yea!! it was so fun, and I didn’t do headbang for a long time ^^.. we were doing headbang almost in entire song they played!! It was a lot of fun, although after this I head sore neck (>.<)..Yea.. but it’s like the special performance from POCHI MONCHI for us (>.<)// .. hihihihi.. I hope they can play again in another events with more spectators than this event..

After the performance, me and my friend met them, watched another band performances, headbang when the bands played great, have lunch together. There were so many silly accident ^____^.. especially when Ardha’s shoe soles was detached from his shoes.. actually at streets when we got back from lunch.. hohohoho.. how it can be happened? I don’t know ^_______^.. When it happened, I just can remembered one of advertisement namely MENTOS.. anybody remember? Wihihihi…

Well, here are their live pict performance ^^.. you all owe me one.. POCHI MONCHI.. fufufufu..but, it’s okay because I’m nice (well, it’s a lie..forgive me ^^), but you all played great ne...

ps : gomenn.. I have a problem with photos upload.. I'll add it later.. ^^

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