Sunday, April 19, 2009

GizeL Profile

GizeL (ex. AibeLL)
Ex. AibeLL band!~
[Credits to Toma @ batsu)


Vocal: 真乃助 (Shinnosuke) ex. (いろは, ex.AibeLL)
Guitar: 咲 (Saku) (ex.AibeLL)
Guitar: クマ (Kuma) (ex.AibeLL)
Drums: まぁ (Maa) (ex.SectMateria)

Bass: 幸秀 (Yukihide) - personal reasons

Shinnosuke -
Saku -
Kuma - http://
Yukihide -
Maa -

They’ll release their first mini-album titled 『涙の樹』 (Namida no ki) on the 18th of July.
- Credit info to Shattered Tranquility

Their first live was a secret one on the 12th of April, but their first official concert will take place on the 25th of April in Hamamatsu FORCE, its name is 『-無限大∞感染-』 (-Mugendai∞Kansen-). What’s more, this live along with their few next ones is a part of the Zёnit Music Factory&Sequence Records coupling tour. According to their further schedule I’d assume that they’ll be a part of Zёnit Music Factory.
- Credit info to Shattered Tranquility

OHP - http:// gizel-web dot com/

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