Thursday, July 24, 2014

[PICTS] Masahiko Yuuki or YUKI (Gt)

Masahiko Yuuki or YUKI is a guitarist of dustar-3, Rayflower and Acid black cherry, and ex AUCIFER (LUCIFER)! He is 39, but he is so cute!! XD I like his smile! Yahooo!! Check it out!

Smile, babe! Smile!! XD

itadakimasuuu!! xD

Wearing glasses xD cute! XO

He looks like a pretty girl!! XD

OMG.. He is much prettier than me xO

With Yasu

With acid black cherry members xD

with acid black cherry, cosplaying X JAPAN! nyahahaha 

His smile!! XO xO

Oh dearrr,,, your smile!! XD

Cute princess hahaha

With dustar-3 xD

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