Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hi there..
I change my songs playlist at my blog's music player..
several of them are music cover :D i like these version so I put it on the playlist.haha..

1. Rentrer en Soi - Last Word; a sad song.. however it was my fav. song :D

2. Sadie - Pink Spider (Hide Cover); me and my sister really like Hide san from X - JAPAN :) and Sadie's Mao voice is O_O great! i like him.. hihi.. :p

3. Duel Jewel - Oborozuki; great song from Duel Jewel :D.. an old song hihi..

4. D - Yoru no me to ginyuushijin live;  great acoustic from D :) I wish Asagi feels better and they start their activities again >_<

5. GAUNTLET - Beyond The Wall; metal band! I just discovered them not long ago.. I think their musics sounds like combination both Galneryus and Versailles? I don't know.. that my perception when i heard this song :p Sorry if I'm wrong

6. SHOW-YA - HOWEVER (GLAY cover); SHOW-YA is a girl-rock band since 80's? i forgot.. they cover many songs from famous band such as X Japan, Glay, L'arc en ciel, etc :D I like her voice and the drummer! :D even they were old but they still playing good! :D

7. Mejibray - Cage. Cover From Dir En Grey; I like Mejibray and Dir en Grey! and i like these version too.. :D :D

not so many song in the playlist because I confused, i want to put all of my fav, song but it was too many xD

see u!

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