Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I had to remove the music player from my blog!
I make my blog loads very slowly and then got crushed!
Was it just me? Or something wrong happened on my laptop?
but after I removed it, my blog now can load the page normally .. maybe???
sometimes it still got crushed!! WTH is going on with my blog?!! :(
I used chrome and switched to firefox but same thing happened.. :(
So well, for a while I might not be able to update my blog because it is become too annoying :(

my playlist for today:

1. L'arc en ciel - FATE

2. Raphael - SHoujo 3 XXX

3. Wagakki Band - Senbonzakura

4. OZ - Succubus

5. SCREW - cursed hurricane

6. MEJIBRAY - Divergence

7. NEGA - Soul Cry

8. Nocturnal Bloodlust - PROVIDENCE

9. BORN - Devilish of the punk

10. DADAROMA - ame no waltz

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