Friday, October 2, 2015

[RANDOM] 何だろうかな?

When vomiting, headache and nausea become a part of your daily basis.. どうするか?


で、because I was really pissed off of something today..
I wanna post something random about my life too >_<

Another day without a proper sleep..
Another day I have to through with doing something that I even didn't understand what I'd do..
Another day without you..
Another day with agony..
Another day with confusions..
Another day with continuous headache.. A throbbing head..
Another day Of not being myself..
Another day of pretending that I don't understand anything you're talking about..
Another day that I realized everything is a fake..
Another day where I need to straighten my face and being quiet..
It is just another painful yet amusing day..

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