Saturday, December 28, 2013

[RANDOM] Confusion

I am now confused.. what am i going to do with my blog? #sweatdrop
After hiatus for about 4 years from visual kei world, and I came back suddenly, unexpected.. 

I realized that recently, I am not too up to date with this things #cry

I only knew old bands, not new one :( 

So, what am I supposed to do? #cry again

Well, for now, I will only post random things about Vkei..
I am very sorry if this blog no longer up to date T________T
#very dissapointed


  1. ayo tetap semangat :)
    blognya udah bagus gak seperti blog saya yg ancur , kwkwkwk

  2. hahahah.. makasi :p
    isinya jadi fangirling gini soalnya #sweatdrop wwkkwwkkw..

    ayoo semangat juga :D :D

  3. hahahaha , ntar liat aja blog aq juga penuh dengan korea2an #sweatdrop
    mau posting ff tapi masih gak pede soalnya udah lama gak corat-coret.

    1. wkwkk... iyah.. kyknya bkal ngarah kesitu hahhahaha

      cuek aja.. lumayan latihan nulis xixixixixix