Monday, December 30, 2013


This metal band's name is ehmm.. well, u know SEX MACHINEGUNS! hahahaha..

However, I like their songs!
and their PVs were so funny! hahaha...

Basically, because I like this type of metal melody, so I have no problem with their music!

I like the double pedal drums, and high speed electric guitar :D 
actually if u know what the song meanings, its,, funny? yeah xD xD

here some of their popular songs.. my fav. too! :D

SMG - Aijin28

SMG - Yonaoshi Good Vibration

SMG - S.H.R. ~セクシーヒーローレヴォリューション~
(hahahahah ridiculous, funny video :D :D :D)

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