Saturday, October 18, 2014

[TRANSLATION] HIDEZOU (D, Gt) the most narcissist member and dorky D xD


When I was bored to the hell..
I found the video (I might not post the link because I'm afraid it will be deleted -_-",, hell.. some youtube video were deleted! ugh..)
It was about D talk show.. they were so funny! xD
Even tsunehito (ba) and Hidezou (Gt) teased the MC a lot xD
I love D! for their music and their silliness lol

In the talkshow, D wore the costume from 7th Rose PV, and the MC asked them many questions..

Here are the interesting parts :D

-The Narcissist Hidezou-

MC : "who is the most narcissist member?"

Asagi (Vo) : "Maybe Hidezou kun" xD

MC : "Hidezou san?"

Hidezou  (Gt)  : "Myself "lol

D members : #laugh lol

MC : #laugh lol "how narcissist are you? which part?"

Hidezou  (Gt)  : #grinned "in example, in the street there are some glasses, right? then, I will look at myself.. Or, when I was driving a car, I'll see my face on the mirror" #Hidezou talked about it and his gestures are so lol xD

D members : #chuckled lol

MC : "kyaaaa" #she just can scream kyaann and looked embarrassed lol

D members : #chuckled lol

MC : "why do you really care about your.."

Hidezou  (Gt)  : "well, maybe it was because I always want to see my own face" #OMG.. if you looked at his pose xD lol he is so confident! hahahaha lol #and all D members always laugh and chuckled when Hidezou talked about himself xD xD especially Ruiza xD

MC : "kyaaaa"

D members : #laugh really hard lol

-The cat lover, Asagi, and his "monomane" (mimicking someone/something)-
Then, Asagi talked about cats xD he really loves cat huh? :D
Asagi was asked to do "monomane"  too xD and he did it with his poker face hahahahaha lol made all the members laugh lol

-Other facts revealed from the talkshow-

1. Asagi and Tsunehito really likes GHIBLI xD
2. Hiroki is good at cooking :D

-Teasing the MC-
Asagi's Part

Asagi : "this room looked too simple" xD #he said with his poker face hahaha

MC : "hee? simple? but it decorated with many cute things" :D

Asagi : "what lack from this room, is ROSE" #he said it again with his poker face and showing the rose that he brought hahaha #love it! gyaboo xD

Hiroki : #chuckled

MC : #chuckled

Then, he talked and teach her about the ROSE xD

Suddenly, Asagi said he wants to be a ROSE xD #he really love roses didn't he? xD
and when the MC said "wow.. it looks like an answer for question about what is your dream when you're in junior high school" xD and it makes Asagi laugh lol #gyabooo he looked cute! xD
The MC then, asked the members silly things : "do you support his dreams?" and all of them said "YES, of course" lol xD

Asagi also showed her his japanese poem about ROSE xD lol

Tsunehito & Hidezou's part

D showed them the flag they used for the concert.
Asagi brought large flag while the other members hold the small ones (which also sold for fans).
They used this flag for dance in NIGHT SHIP song :D

MC : "can I also have it?" #then she took and hold it

Tsunehito : #he said something but I'm not sure.. Maybe something like "actually, it was for sale.."

MC : "hoo."

Tsunehito & Hidezou : " 1000 yen please" xD

MC : #she looked shocked and surprised then laugh lol

Asagi : #hide his laugh lol

MC : "huh?"

Tsunehito : "thank you for purchase" xD

MC : "is it really 1000 yen?"

Tsunehito : "Yes, it is.."

Tsunehito & Hidezou : ""

Hidezou : "1000 yen desu!" lol #he did it alone, He expected Tsunehito will do it together with him, but Tsunehito deceived him! lol

Ruiza & Hiroki : #laugh

MC : "it's expensive.. is it okay?"

D : "no.. it's not.."

Then the MC give them 1000 yen xD hahahha.. they successfully deceived her xD

D : "thank you very much"

Then, Tsunehito in action again xD
Tsunehito : "actually ne, bring it like that is not so comfortable.."

MC : "ahh it's okay.. it also can be fit on my bag.." #then she tried to put it on her bag but it's not fit xD

Tsunehito : "no.. no.. if it's like that,, you'll look like the travel guide" xD

D : #laugh lol

Tsunehito : "Therefore, we have this one.." #he showed the case for the flag, of course with a rose attached on it xD #then he gave it to the MC

When the MC tried to put the flag on the case..

Tsunehito & Hidezou : " 1500 yen please" xD

They deceived her again! xD

After that, they teach her how to dance using the flag with NIGHT SHIP song
#sung by Asagi, but unfortunately why the mic was not working well? -_-"

that's it xD maybe you can find the video somewhere on youtube :p
They're so funny and dorks! I love them xD

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