Monday, October 13, 2014

[TRANSLATION] Night-Radio D 第1回 08.04.04 PART 1

Night-Radio D 第1回 08.04.04 

Link : Night Radio - D 08.04.04

I missed my fav. band "D".. and I found this..
It seems interesting so I want to make translation of it.
It was very long -_-" so I decided to divide it into many parts..
Because of my language limitation, I'm very sorry for the mistakes..

I didn't know whether anyone else had translated it or not..
I just want to make it and practice my japanese :p

-PART 1-
Jikoshoukai (HIDEZOU, ASAGI AND RUIZA's Introduction)

HIDEZOU (Gt) : Hi, I'm Hidezou, the guitarist.. ojiyaku ijirarekan mo ore ni makaserou,, yay! #I'm not sure what it means but.. roughly it means : leave the nasty things to me, yay!

Asagi, Ruiza : #laugh lol majisuka? #laugh lol

HIDEZOU (Gt) : dontokoi! yay!

Asagi, Ruiza : #laugh lol

RUIZA (Gt) : chotto! tsuyoki (#?? means bull??) desu ne.. Hi, I'm Ruiza, guitarist too.. I'm from Kansai..

Asagi, Hidezou : woooo... lol

RUIZA (Gt) : Yea.. I'm Kansai people.. 

Hidezou (Gt) : #laugh lol

RUIZA (Gt) : then.. yeahh,, hmm.. I always want to play guitar..

Asagi, Hidezou : woooo... lol

Asagi (Vo) : next,  I'm the vocalist, Asagi who likes rose and cats :D :D.. yoroshiku! #here he said "oneko-sama" xD xD.. he is so cute xD..

Hidezou, Ruiza : wooww...

Asagi (Vo) : #laugh

then.. there was part about Hiroki's and Tsunehito who could not joined them,, but they talked very fast.. so I'm still working on it :p

sorry for the lousy translation -_-"
see u next time.. =)

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