Saturday, November 15, 2014

[NEWS] DEATHGAZE to Go on Indefinite Hiatus ?????

DEATHGAZE to Go on Indefinite Hiatus

I just read it!! and it was too late :(

As it posted on

"The good news about DEATHGAZE new album "ENIGMA" that hit the stores earlier this summer follows a sad announcement: The band will go on indefinite hiatus.

After several conversations this is what DEATHGAZE decided and this is the explanation they mentioned in their official statement: "We've celebrated our 10th anniversary last year and were also active during our 11th year but we think that we've put all we can do with these four members into "ENIGMA"." The members are very thankful for the support during all these years and ask their fans to support them until the very end.

DEATHGAZE will give its last live at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL on December 23rd."

Oh NO!!!! Deathgaze was my favorite band!!!
Hey guys, I have not see your concert and you'll be on indefinite hiatus????

Oh shit...
what a bad day -__________-
Oh no!!!
my heart is broken -_- #crying

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