Sunday, November 2, 2014

[PLAYLIST] Today's songs

Today's songs

I found some good songs :D

1. Fest Vainqueur - Butterfly


3. MORAN - Eclipse

and then.. here are my new favorites!
Nocturnal BLOODLUST!! it was so good! xD

4. Nocturnal BLOODLUST - sphere

5. Nocturnal BLOODLUST - strike in fact

6. Nocturnal BLOODLUST - libra

7. Nocturnal BLOODLUST - desperate

and I listened to all Nocturnal BLOODLUST's songs xD

bad news :
Because of some major problems, I need to reset my laptop :O
and all the setting now is still in Japanese >o<
I have to deal with these setting for a while before fix it up >o<
I think I really had a bad day.. ToT

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