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[NEWS] DEATHGAZE Last Interview with Naoto

DEATHGAZE Last Interview with Naoto
(From Virtual Japan)

Nathan from HearJapan had the opportunity to sit down with DEATHGAZE for an interview on the night of a very historic performance, the band’s last show with their guitarist Naoto. This is the last interview the band had with Naoto in it. The band started the interview with a brief introduction.

Ai: I’m the vocalist Ai.

Naoki: I’m the drummer, Naoki.

Kosuke: I’m the bassist, Kosuke.

Naoto: I’m the guitarist, Naoto.

Nathan: Could you tell us more about the concept behind the band DEATHGAZE for readers who are reading about DEATHGAZE for the first time?

Ai: Hmmm, concept. That’s a difficult question. When we first started as a band, at that point there weren’t any really heavy bands (mimiced a signature heavy guitar riff to illustrate they type of heavy band he was referring to) in Japan, especially not in the Visual Kei scene. We tried to form likeminded members who had an appreciation for heavy music being played in the west. Since we liked that heavy style of music, we decided that is what we would focus on. I suppose that was the original motive for starting a band. As we gradually started playing together that became the foundation of our band. As we wrote more and more songs and played more and more shows, we tried to write as many good songs regardless of style and play as many good shows as we could. I hope that answered your question.

Naoki: Well the basis of our band revolves around being heavy. On top of the heavy sound, if you listen at any of the member’s music individually it is very melodious.

Nathan: You said that when you formed the band you sought out members who had an appreciation for western bands. Which are your favorite bands?

Naoki: I like bands like Slipknot and Korn ever since we started playing.
Ai: Also Pantera, we listened to that stuff growing up.

Nathan: Your music is incredibly aggressive and must require a tremendous amount of energy. Is there something special that you do before the show to boost your stamina?

Ai: I’m sure there are things that individual members do, but…

Kosuke: Nothing at all for me at least.

Naoki: Just the usual.

Ai: I think the most important thing is to get a good amount of sleep.

Kosuke: That’s right.

Ai: I’m sure the are things that we individually do to boost endurance and get in shape. We are always playing our hearts out even in our rehearsal sessions, in the studio and of course at live shows. The frequent amount of playing we do builds up our endurance naturally but there isn’t a way we could go beyond what we already project.

Nathan: Today is your last show on your tour which is culminated by a ‘one man live’. How do you think the tour has progressed so far?

Ai: Our tour went very well. We think our performance has become much cooler as the tour has progressed.

Nathan: Were there any funny episodes? (some members chuckle to themselves) It looks like something happened. Come on guys spill your guts.

Ai: Someone got a nasty cavity.

Kosuke: During the tour I had some tooth problems.
Nathan: How many cavities did you end up getting?

Kosuke: Just one, but the cavity had gone pretty deep and became a serious problem.

Ai: What about you Naoto?

Naoto: No, not really.

Ai: Didn’t you drink too much one night?

Naoto: huh?(at this point the rest of the band jumped in to affirm that there was a night where Naoto drank a little too much.) Really? I don’t remember anything happening at all.(everyone laughs). Well it seems that I got too drunk. When was this?

Ai: In Osaka at the hotel.

Naoto: Ohhhh yea. In Osaka! It’s all coming back now sort of. I had a nasty fall that still hurts sometimes.

Nathan: So tonight’s show will be Naoto’s last concert. In three hours you will play your last show with DEATHGAZE. How are you feeling now?

Naoto: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. The same as always. I’m just having fun.

Nathan: If you don’t object to letting your fans abroad know, could you tell us the reason you decided to quit the band? (The room goes completely silent)

Naoto: That’s just hearsay. (Everyone looks stunned). I’m just kidding! (Everyone starts to laugh). (He then pauses for a long time). How is the best way to put it….

Ai: It’s complicated.

Naoto: Yea, it’s very complicated. The best way to put it is, I just wanted to take a break from life.

Nathan: Let’s clean up the air a bit and ask the band a question. Your next show on your homepage is for June 22nd. Since you already have a show on the books, does that mean you have already found a new support member?


Ai: Before we got back together, the previous vocalist quit and we stopped playing as we searched for a replacement. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anyone without having an active band. At a certain point we decided to restart the band by me becoming the vocalist and Kosuke fell into our laps. You could say that we have faith that things will work out. To put it in other words, as long as we continue playing everything will fall into place. We haven’t found a replacement yet, but even in the worst case scenario, something good will happen.

Nathan: What would happn in the worst case scenario without a guitarist?

Ai: Well I’m hoping we will find someone (the rest of the band laughs). Even without a guitar we are prepared to carry on the fight and continue playing. Emotionally speaking that is.

Nathan: So currently you are actively searching for a new member?

Ai: There are a few potential candidates.

Nathan: So you are down a member. How do you find a new member in Japan under normal circumstances?

Kosuke: You ask around to friends and things. Since that is not going so well, We will probably start recruitment on our homepage soon for the new member.

Nathan: There are many internets swirling around on the internet about DEATHGAZE breaking up. Is there any truth behind these rumors?

Ai: We have absolutely no intentions to disband, so there is no truth behind those rumors.

Nathan: I have heard that you will be releasing a new release in the fall. Have you already started to write the songs and material for this?

Ai: No, not yet. We’re not sure that we will release in the fall, but that is what we are aiming for.

Nathan: So what direction are you thinking about taking the band’s music? In a more aggressive direction or more melodious, or..?

Ai: It’s not something we think about to be honest.

Nathan: I noticed in your past three single releases; DEAREST, I’m broken baby, and insult kiss me all use English in one or more songs. Do you have a particular affinity towards English?

Ai: Not particularly. I think English matches the heavier songs better than Japanese. Especially the pronounciation and power works better with English. I also think it’s important to have songs which can be enjoyed worldwide. That inevitiably leads to English lyrics. But to be honest, I could care less which language the songs are in. Japanese is fine, Chinese is fine, English is fine as long as the message is conveyed.

Nathan: So are you an avid studier of English?

Ai: No, not at all.

Nathan: So tonight is your last show with Naoto. Is there a special way you decide to make the set list?

Naoki: During a ‘one man live’ we essentially play all of our songs. For this concert we just released an album recently so there are songs that we won’t be performing and that makes it a little easier to be able to be selective.

*Tsukachi's Note : I felt so sad that Naoto had left Deathgaze >w<, but I'll always support the band!

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