Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[BAND PROFILE] Megaromania(メガロマニア)


Megaromania(メガロマニア) is a five member Japanese Visual KEi band who signed to the independent record label Under Code Production. The band was formed in 2008 by Sui(翠) on vocals and Misery(美沙麗) on guitars/composer, who had previously played together in the band Metis Gretel(メティスグレーテル).

The concept of the band is aesthetics of the creation. They released their first three different singles on same day in the spring. After that their first concert held at Holiday Shinjuku in June. In July, the band released their first mini-album which is two kinds of CDs. Their another new single "Transparent Shine" comes out in November.

Vocal: Sui (翠)
Guitar: Misery (美沙麗)
Guitar: Chikage (蜘影)
Bass: Hyouga (氷牙)
Drums: Leda (憐蛇)

美醜の果実 (Bishuu no Kajitsu) (5.28.2008)
God of Megaromania-純血ノ刻印- (Junketsu no Kokuin) (5.28.2008)
Angelical Jewelry (5.28.2008)
Transparent Shine (Type A) (11.19.2008) w/ In Universe-魂の邂逅- (Tamashii no Kaikou)
Transparent Shine (Type B) (11.19.2008) w/ Cardinal Sin

-Mini Albums-
Birth of an「Idea」(Type-Art) (7.9.2008) w/ DVD of "God of Megaromania -純血ノ刻印- (Junketsu no Kokuin)" PV
Birth of an「Idea」(Type-Brain) (7.9.2008) w/ bonus track "Idea"

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