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MUCC (Mook) is a JRock band, and part of the Japanese Visual Kei movement. The band was named MUCC after a character name from the Japanese children's TV show Ponkickies. In the beginning, the bands music sound of pop and folk. Now their music sounds adopt metal, punk, funk and disco beat inspired tunes.

The band formed in Ibaraki, Japan in early 1997 by Tatsuro and Miya. The line up consists of Tatsuro on vocals, Miya on guitar, Hiro on bass and SATOchi as a support drummer. SATOchi became a regular member of the band after their first concert held in their home town in May 1997. The new bassist YUKKE replaced Hiro in 1999.

They are signed to the Major record label, Universal Music and released debut single "Ware, arubekibasho" (We, standing Rubeki location) in May, 2003. The band made their first performance in Nippon Budokan (Nippon Budokan) had 7,000 fans in June 2006. The band also debuted in Europe in the summer of 2005, including performance at Wacken Open Air. Next year their American concert debut at the Otakon anime convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 2008, the band performed on the Taste of Chaos tour across the United State. They will perform in Europe and Japan in the fall.

Vocal: Tatsuro (逹瑯

Guitar: Miya (Miya)

Drums: SATOchi and (SATO h)

whore / waste (Shoufu / Hai) (6.9.2000)
red Edition (Akaban) (7.15.2001)
blue Edition (Aoban) (7.15.2001)
Fuosan El謳(Fu wo tataeru Uta) ( 1.21.2002)
aquarium (Suisou) (6.9.2002)
We, standing Rubeki location (Ware, arubekibasho) (5.20.2003)
alley behind me and to you (Rojiura Boku to Kimi e) (2.25.2004)
monochrome scenery ( Monokuro no keshiki) (6.9.2004)
Kokorononaimachi (Kokoro no nai machi) (3.30.2005)
rain Orchestra (Ame no Orchestra) (6.8.2005)
last train (Saishuu Ressha) (10.19.2005)
Gerbera (Gerbera ) (2.15.2006)
Meteor (Ryuusei) (5.24.2006)
Utaikoe (Utagoe) (8.23.2006)
Horizont (Horizont) (11.8.2006)
Libra (Libra) (3.21.2007)
flight (Flight) (5.2. 2007)
fuzz (Fuzz) (10.31.2007)
Ageha (Ageha) (8.27.2008)

Itaze~tsu (Tsuuzetsu) (1.17.2001)
Homura謳(Houmura Uta) (9.6.2002)
Zesora (Zekku) (9.3.2003)
Kuchiki of the lamp (Kuchiki no Tou) (9.1.2004)
airplane wings (Houyoku) (11.23.2005)
6 (4.26.2006)
Gokuirodori (Gokusai) (12.6.2006)
Kokorozashion (Shion) (3.26 .2008)

-mini Albums-
Antique (Antique) (12.25.1999)
melancholy (Aishuu) (12.25.2001)

-Live Albums-
Kuchiki lights live at Roppongi (Kuchiki no Tou Live at Roppongi) (1.26.2005)
psychedelic Ana lysis (Psychedelic Analysis) (3.28.2007)

-Videos and DVDs-
Japanese archipelago chaos fiscal Kokorono-chu (Nippon rettou konton Hesei Kokoro no naka) (12.10.2003) Live DVD
Mook History DVD The Worst (Mucc History DVD The Worst ) (12.22.2004)
Zuminami of airplane wings (Tonan no Hoyoku) (3.29.2006) LIVE DVD
World Tour Final Nihon Budokan "666" (Mucc World Tour Final 666 at Nippon Budokan (12.20.2006) LIVE DVD
MUCC~ Live Chronicle ~ (Mucc-Live Chronicle-) (11.28.2007) LIVE DVD

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