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DespairsRay Old Interview sex69sex vol. 1-4

+ sex69sex Vol.1 +

Hello. It’s D’espairsRay’s guitarist, Karyu, and bassist, Zero. Since this is the first time we’ve done this we don’t know what we should write, so for the time being we’ll talk about the recording for “genwaku” which was released on April 1st.

Z: First of all, what did you work hard on in recording?
K: I guess it was erotic fantasies.
Z: Erotic fantasies?
K: Yeah, erotic fantasies.
Z: What kind?
K: I can’t say.
Z: Why?
K: They’re too nasty
Z: You were thinking about that kinda stuff when you were playing?
K: Of course. I always do.
Z: Always? You mean at concerts and stuff too?
K: No. Everyday, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without a break.
Z: You’re like a perverted convenience store.
K: Yep. If possible, I’d like to be a Seven-Eleven.
Z: Oh, you’ve already decided? But don’t you think that 6 and 9 is a better combination for you than 7 and 11?
K: (singing) Six-nine, it sounds good.
K, Z: (burst out laughing)
Z: We’ve gradually gotten further and further from talking about the CD recording.
K: It’s okay, isn’t it?
Z:: It’s okay, but, returning to the topic, what was most fun about recording?
K: Well, we’re ending this time here.
Z: What? We’re ending it here?
K: We’re ending it here. From the next time on out I want to reply to everyone’s questions and concerns, so if you have anything like that, please send it to us.
Z: Is it anything goes?
K: Yep. From personal gossip to serious concerns I want to address a broad range of things.
Z: Well, it seems like that’s how it’s going to be, so please send your comments.
K: Thank you all for reading until the end.
Z: Yes, Thank you.
K: To all of you who have not seen us live, please try to come to see us one time.
Z: And feast you eyes on Karyu’s perversion.
K: Please read again next time.
Z, K: Well then, see you next time.

Z: So what do we do now?
K: You should know! What else is there to do?
(So saying, Karyu turns off the lights)

+ sex69sex Vol.2 +

K: So is everyone doing it?
Z: Yeah! I’m doing it!
K: Doing what?
Z: …
K: I’m doing it… making songs.
Z: You’re not makin’ babies?
K: No, no. I have become a delusional EGOTIST, though. (note: delusional EGOTIST= mousouhekina EGOTIST). What about you?
Z: I’m as the title says.
K: …
Z: Say something, damn it!
K: (like a mom) I don’t remember bringing you up to be that kind of person.
Tsukasa: Nor do I!
Z: It was a joke!
Hizumi: Everyone, give him some credit.
K: Hey, was there someone here a second ago?
Z: Is this a four person dialogue this time?
K: No, it’s two people!
Z: Well should we talk about something serious?
K: (like a kitsune) SEX!
Z: Hey!
K: (like a kitsune) Re~lax!
Z: Hey!!
K: PA-OON! (like an elephant)
Z: Get your butt back in the forest! (getting angry)
K: Pa-oon… (sadly)
Z: Well, what should we talk about?
K: Gomugomu no-----------------------------------------
(Karyu reaches his hand out to Zero’s thing)

[I]Reference to the manga OnePiece note: The main character of OnePiece is made of rubber and he uses a series of phrases which begin with “gomugomu no” when he wants to extend part of his body.[/I]

---And the lights in the room dim…

Z: Should we be doing this? (uncertainly)
K: It’s fine. Is it good here?
Z: [I]There[/I] would be better. <3
K: Hey!
Z: I was just playing along.
K: Shall we talk about something serious? (seriously)
Z: Well, what kind of image did you have in mind when you wrote the songs on the new album?
K: I tried creating it with myself as the subject.
Z: Really? Well then I hope that everyone will get that kind of feeling from it.
K: Everyone, innocent kids and dirty guys like me.
Z: We don’t know what the lyrics are going to be, though.
K: Well there are times when the impression I get when I write the songs and listen to them is different from the impression the other members get when they listen to the songs.
Z: After all, I think that when there is a difference in values, there will be a difference in the way people hear something. Because of that, D’espairsRay always has a concept for a recording to create unity.
K: Yeah. For “Genwaku” it was drag.
Z: And this time…
K: Beautiful women and wild animals! To a certain extent, the meaning of D’espairsRay.
Z: Although, the interpretation of beautiful women and wild animals is different from song to song.
K: I don’t think that listening to and writing about beautiful women and wild animals is very cool but the inner-part is deep.
Z: How many centimeters deep?
K: I guess it’s about American size. (note: The hugest size in Japan is American size.)
Z: So it’s wide and deep?
K: Yeah. “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.” (According to the old woman in ‘Titanic’.)
Z: The next mini-album is that good.
K: Our old song, Ao, is on it too.
Z: Ao!?
K: Yeah, Ao! (Not really smiling.)
Z: That’s right. We asked for questions, but have any come?
K: I looked at them.
Z: What were they about?
K: If you understand the difference between Sokenbicha (note: a brand of tea) and namacha (another type of tea), do you understand the taste difference between beer and happoushu (a type of homemade alcohol similar to beer)?
Z: Please don’t send meaningless questions like this.
K: Please send lots of questions like this.
Z: …
K: PA-OON! (an elephant)
Z: You got a lotta energy today, don’t you?
K: PAPAPA-OOON!! (wild animal)

So, today, they turned off the lights and Karyu became a wild animal of the night and began attacking Zero.

T: I can hear something far away
T, H: Well then let’s go PA-OON, too!

And in this way, D’espairsRay worked hard as a band.

+ sex69sex Vol.3 +

K: Hello. Pa-oon! It’s Karyu.
Z: (laugh) Hello. I’m the bassist, Zero. We’re attacking this pretty suddenly aren’t we?
K: Yeah. Because it’s summer. I feel like I want to go with a bang. Or something like that.
Z: Something like that?
K: Forget about that. More importantly, our first question came.
Z: Really? What is it? What is it?
K: They said, “Please tell us about a dish you like at a certain restaurant.”
Z: Hmm… Do you have recommendation?
K: I do. Option #4 at Freaks restaurant.
Z: “With pleasure…” Hay, no one knows what we’re talking about yet!
K: Oh, they don’t know.
Z: Well they’ll just have to look forward to that in the future.
K: So did you have recommendation?
T: I like the Koga-style tako-yaki (octopus balls) they have in Sankaku Park in Osaka.
K: Hey! Don’t just barge in.
H: I like the Myoutaishi meal in Ippudo.
Z: Everyone’s just barging in lately.
K: Yeah. I’ll just hand it over for now.
Z: Hey! Don’t hand it over.
K: You’re going to die for saying that.
Z: …I’m going off to die.
K: See ya when you get back.
Z: That’s enough of that.
K: Farewell…


Z: Okay, lets get back to point and talk about the mini-album, -TERRORS- we are releasing on 7/21.
K: We’ll start off with the first song, Ao.
Z: Yep, it’s Ao.
K: Yep, Ao.
Z: We did this song a long time ago.
K: Well, then the second song is Mebius.
Z: Hey, don’t run off alone. Besides which, there’s no song called Mebius.
K: Yes there is!
Z: Eh? I don’t remember playing it.
K: fufu (laughs)… Nope.
Z: Did you use a substitute?
K: …
Z: Say something!
K: The third song is Sakura.
Z: Pretty soon people are going to start realizing that you’re lying.
K: Okay, well then let’s be serious.
Z: Yeah. The first song is Fascism!
K: This is a really energetic song.
Z: Please go crazy when we play it live.
K: The second song is Carnival.
Z: We played it before (6/29).
K: Yeah, we had a little trouble.
Z: Besides which Karyu didn’t come in right.
K: Seriously, I messted-upped
Z: Messted-upped? (laughs)
K: It’s a Scottish word.
Z: And the third song is ero:de.
K: This song is focused on a feeling of tension
Z: The B melody is especially good.
K: There’s a menacing sense of dread. But we used it.
Z: (laugh)
K: The fourth song is Zetsubou romance.
Z: The A melody is nice.
K: It is nice. But I like the elegant simplicity of the end. How will the fans hear it, I wonder?
Z: Yeah. I hear that like a normal person.
K: Take out ooo. (singing)
Z: (laughs)… You’re wrong.
K: And then the last song is murder freaks!
Z: This is a really cool song.
K: It kicks ass! After all, I wrote it.
Z: I’ll leave that to you. Oh, we played this song too (on 6/29).
K: It was the first song. Please tell us what you think about it.
Z: Yeah! I want to ask them about it. I don’t suppose we’ll start selling it early…
K: We will have a special pre-release sale at the show on 7/19 so please come to see us.
Z: And please come to the tour as well.
K: Well shall we end it here for now?
Z: Yeah. After we each make a quick comment.
K: Well then, my comment. I love you all.
Z: We are releasing a mini-album this summer and then we have a nine stop tour and are trying to set up a oneman for the finale so please support us everyone.
K: Well then, we’ll see you next time. Please look forward to it.
Z: Yes, please look forward to it. Well, what should we do next time?
K: We don’t need to think about that kind of thing right now. Right now we should be thinking about…

So saying Karyu turns off the lights


K: Pa-oon!!! To be continued…

+ sex69sex Vol.4 +

Z: Welcome. Will you be alone this evening?
K: For the moment, but someone will probably catch my eye.
Z: Today’s menu is the question corner.
K: N’kay
Z: Very well.
K,Z: Well, please look forward to this. (Note: The above was a paraphrasing of the introduction to Sexual Beast.)
K: First of all, there aren’t any questions coming in so please ask them.
Z: We’re sad that no one will send them to us. So what are your questions?
K: Is anyone even reading this column?
Z: Because no one sends questions, we don’t know.
K: We want to do this column like “guigui”.
Z: What are you talking about “guigui”?
K: It’s an okare-mon. No it’s a Karyu-mon. (from “Mecha lke”) (Note: Mecha lke is a comedy show and an okare-mon is a lemon chiffon cake that is featured in the show.)
Z: Okay.
K: Yep, that’s what it is. Well, lets do the question corner or something.
Z: We’ll do it like “guigui”.
K: WAAAAaaaaaaaaah! We’re getting all guigui. We’re getting all guigui.
Z: Well, we had a vacation recently. What did you do?
K: I rented videos and did nothing but watched them.
Z: What was it this time? The Bikini Girls of Summer? You rented that before didn’t you?
K: Hey! Don’t say that kinda thing here! You jealous?
Z: Well, lets turn it into Loincloth Zero of Summer.
K: No thanks.
Z: Anyways, what did you rent?
K: I didn’t rent porn, for a change.
Z: What did you rent?
K: ‘Tobu Chris’, ‘Rurouni Kenshin’, western horror flicks, sentimental stuff, a lot of different things.
Z: What happened when you watched the sentimental stuff?
K: I was like “pa-oon”.
Z: You didn’t cry?
K: I wept like “pu pu pu pu”
Z: I get like “zubu bu bu bu”
K: That’s nasty.
Z: You didn’t notice?
K: No, I noticed, but when you write it down it’s really nasty.
Z: It’s because I’m healthy.
K: Lets stop with this stuff. We’re getting off topic.
Z: Okay, lets stop.
K: What did you do over the vacation?
Z: I went shopping in Paris.
K: No way.
H: No way.
K: Yeah, there’s no way.
Z: It’s true ;-;
K: Oh, I’m so sorry. (like a kitsune) I guess you had some business there.
Z: Believe me, damnit.
K: It’s darn loud in this kitchen.
Z: Sorry, I lied.
K: Let’s relax.
T: Relax! Relax!
Z: It’s become four person again.
K: No, I told you before, it’s supposed to be two person.
T: Yeah.
K: Yeah.
Z: Aren’t you tired?
K: Yeah, I am tired. Hey, Tsukasa, don’t butt in.
H: No way!
K: Do something Zero-sama.
Z: No way!


After saying that, the two guys got up and starting running.

Z: Okay, lets get our act together and go onto the next thing.
K: That’s right. D’espairsRay is two years old.
Z: babubabu~
K: babubabu~
H, T: When these two do it, the conversation goes nowhere.
K: Well how about if you guys tried?
H: No Way!
T: Yeah.
K: No! Aren’t you supposed to be saying “Congratulations”.
Z: Yeah we mean congratulations.
K: By the way, we’re started our third year, but what are we going to do?
Z: We’ll become even greater maniacs by all getting Mohawks.
K: Well then I’ll just shave it all off.
Z: Well then I’ll just get an afro!
K: Wah!! Anything but that!


An uncomfortable atmosphere


Z: I’m sorry.
K: Me too. That was a lie. You ba~ldy!
Z: You’re the baldy
K: Shut up! You.. you… you… ugh

So saying Karyu gets up and starts running away.

Z: I’m so sorry to have offended you with something so unsightly. I’m afraid this organization is rather troubled so please be patient with us.


Z: He’s not back yet.



Z: I guess he’s still being contrary.


Z: Hey, Karyu! Get your ass back in here.
H: No way.
T: Yeah…


Z: Karyu, it’s dinnertime.



Z: One Piece has started.
K: (from far away) WAAAAaaaaaahh~~~~~~~~! Gamu gomu no~~~~~~~~

And so they watched One Piece together.


Thirty minutes later

K: Ah, that was funny. So what are we doing?
Z: Finishing the column.
K: That’s right, we were answering questions.
Z: I’ve gotten tired of it, so lets stop.
K: Besides, no one’s reading it.
Z: Gimme questions!
K, Z: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Z: Well then, see you next time.
K: If you don’t send any questions we’re going to stop. At the least, people reading this, write something.

And then that night, Zero turned into a wild animal and Karyu turned into a magical cat and the lights went off.


K: Today’s a dangerous day so please be careful of “gomu”.
Z: Pa-oooooooooon.


K: omyamyamyamyamyamya--- (Ryutarou’s call) Zudon! Zukoon! Pakoon!! Kakko~ Zubyubbyubbyubbyubbyu!
K, Z: (sigh)

These two are idiots but I think there will probably be a next time so please stop by.

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