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Kisaki Project Profile


KISAKI - Bass, Keyboards [1994-2007]
→ Levia → LAYBIAL → SHEY≠DE → GARDEN → STELLA MARIA, KISAKI PROJECT → Ruby (support) → La:Sadie's → MIRAGE → MIRAGE, ∀NTI FEMINISM → Syndrome, ∀NTI FEMINISM → KISAKI PROJECT, 妃&関西貴族 → Phantasmagoria → Phantasmagoria, KISAKI PROJECT, 妃&関西貴族 → Phantasmagoria, KISAKI

樹威 (Jui) - Vocals [2002-2007]
→ De-vine → 羅紗 → Raisonne → Luinspear → Luinspear, じゅるりと → ヴィドール, KISAKI PROJECT → ヴィドール → ヴィドール, KISAKI PROJECT → ヴィドール

Support members
SHINOBU - Guitar [2003-2004.10.08, 2006.12-2007.08.31], Programming [2002-2004.10.08]
→ Lavender → Zephyr → Zephyr, KISAKI PROJECT [support] → Zephyr → KISAKI PROJECT [support]

YASUAKI - Guitar [2006.12-2007.08.31]
→ RONDE → Bye2regret → Bye2regret, KISAKI PROJECT [support] → Bye2regret

TOSHIHIRO - Guitar [2006.12-2007.08.31]
→ MONO TONE → Tinker Bell → Mastard Cake → Cious pi Cious → Bye2regret → KISAKI PROJECT [support]

ATSUSHI - Drums [2006.12-2007.08.31]

Former support members
美景 (Mikage) - Drums [2003-2004.10.08, 2006.12-2007.01]
→ Eze:quL → Schwardix Marvally [support] → KISAKI PROJECT [support], 妃&関西貴族 → R.E.D., 妃&関西貴族, KISAKI PROJECT [support], 人生ロシアンルーレット → バビロン →

HIZAKI grace project → 弐月ノ参拾伍日, HIZAKI grace project → HIZAKI grace project, Juka [support]

玖蘭 (Kyura) - Guitar [2002-2004.10.08]
→ Eze:quL → KISAKI PROJECT [support], 妃&関西貴族

SIN - Guitar [2002]
→ WITH SEXY → NEO-SADISM → Vasalla → Syndrome → Syndrome, KISAKI PROJECT [support] → D
Ray - Vocals [1994]


KISAKI PROJECT is KISAKI's first solo project. Not only is Kisaki a good bassist, but he has also created many bands and labels, that's why he is such an important and famous musician of indies visual kei.

During the past decade of Kisaki's career, he has managed to turn Kansai bands into the spearhead of today's visual indie scene. The true beginning of his career is said to have been 1995, when he began playing in Stella Maria, despite the fact that he'd already played in various bands before, including: Levia (1993-1994), LAYBIAL (1994), SHEY≠DE (1994) and GARDEN (1994-1995). He continued activity with Stella Maria, for the following seven months and in January 1996, together with his friend Kyo (with whom he'd already created a different band in 1995, one playing covers of D'erlanger, Luna Sea and Kuroyume), created a unit called La:Sadies. The band lasted one year, before, in January 1997, Kisaki decided to leave due to disagreements concerning the band's future. The remainining members went on to create Dir en grey while Kisaki created his own indie label, Matina. It was the first label of that type in the Kansai region (Kansai is the region of Japan where Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe are located).

Between 1997 and 2000 he played in Mirage. In 1998 he joined ANTI FEMINISM, a project created by one of his friends, Kenzi (THE DEAD P☆P STARS).

After Mirage broke up, Kisaki went on to create Syndrome. The band's 'first episode' ended in 2001, with the departure of their first vocalist, Tatsuya. After their second vocalist, Asagi also quit in 2002, Kisaki decided to end Syndrome. During that time he suffered various health problems and was hospitalized several times. Facing so many problems he closed Matina in 2002. A special farewell live was organized to commemorate the sad event and all of the bands from Matina participated.

However, on March 1st, 2003, Kisaki created a new label - UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

After having been the bassist in various bands, such as La:Sadie’s, Mirage, Syndrome…, Kisaki decided to start a solo project: KISAKI PROJECT.

In 2002 a song entitled Garasu no album appeared on the omnibus CROSS GATE 2002. It was the first song from Kisaki's new project formed with Jui, the vocalist of Vidoll. This unit was simply called Kisaki Project. In February 2003 Kisaki came up with the idea to release a series of 'visual tribute' singles. One of them was a single from Kisaki Project, which included covers of Kuroyume, Mirage and La'cryma Christi.

In August 2003 he released a CD, HYSTERIC DANCE, in duet with the former singer of Agnus Dei and Loza=veria under the name of Kisaki and the Kansai Kizoku (“Kisaki and the guys from Kansai”). In Summer 2004, he released the CD BURST SONGS, on which the vocalists of the bands カリメロ, Madeth Gray’ll, 12012 and NUDE participated.

In 2003, Jui (Vidoll’s vocalist) became Kisaki’s partner. Many others “friends” of him worked on his CDs: Kamijo (LAREINE’s vocalist), Toshihiro…

KISAKI PROJECT played at events and went on tours. It is difficult to get all their songs, because they are mostly on compilations. Fortunately for French people, “syouzou - in the cradle”, a kind of “best of”, should be released.

On May 1st 2004, KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui played an exceptional concert at Trabendo, in Paris, France, where 350 fans came.

KISAKI PROJECT’s session musicians are Mikage (ex. Eze:quL and session musician in Schwardix Marvally), Toshihiro (ex. Souspicious) and Shinobu (ex. Lavender, ex. Zephyr).

In the following months, Kisaki released 2 more items with Kansai Kizoku. In August Kisaki Project released their third maxi-single, and in October Shoxx released their Memorial BEST BOX which included a best of album and a live DVD entitled final confession.

Before the end of 2004 Kisaki Project officially disbanded and Kisaki went on to form a new band, Phantasmagoria, which soon proved very successful. However, it wasn't the final word from the Kisaki x Jui duo. By the end of 2006 Kisaki Project was revived and they announced two new releases for the upcoming months, a CD+DVD mini-album, Kasou, scheduled for release in January, and a re-release of their first CD, Kaikoroku ~Dai Ichi Shou~ (Retake Version).

Around the time of these releases, it was also announced that both Phantasmagoria and Vidoll would be graduating from UNDER CODE and going their separate ways. The revived Kisaki Project played their last live on January 27th, 2007, and this time, the end seems to be definite.

肖像~in the Cradle~
full-lenght (2004.04.28)

2003.08.20 回顧録~第一章~完全盤 (Kaikoroku dai ichi shou -kanzen ban-)
2003.12.25 記憶~after confession~ (Kioku)
2003.12.25 道標~Color of Labyrinth~ (Michishirube)
2004.05.31 砂時計~never ending memories~ (Sunadokei)
2004.11.27 Night Butterfly (split)
2007.01.10 枯想 (Kasou)
2007.02.14 深絆 (Shinki)
2007.06.20 描写風 (Byoushafuu)

Demo tapes
1994.11.10 ONCE...
Compilations, best albums
2007.08.15 永遠の夢 (Eien no yume)
2008.07.23 The Songs of Solitude

Boxed sets
2004.10.31 final confession

2003.11.25 薄明~君のいない世界~
2004.03.10 impressive sight
2004.07.28 鼓動~Screaming of mind~
2007.02.14 SILENT~虹の軌跡~ (Niji no kiseki)
2007.08.15 for Lovers…

Omnibus albums
2002.07.21 CROSS GATE 2002~un Solitude~
2003.06.30 SHOCK JAM CD Edition:2~Brand New Entry~
2003.07.23 妖幻鏡III
2003.09.30 High Style Paradox
2005.07.09 Anamorphosis
2005.12.20 Japaniesque Rock Collectionz Cure II~UNDER CODE PRODUCTION ALL CAST MUSEUM~

Omnibus DVDs
2004.02.25 High Style Paradox II
2004.05.31 CROSS GATE 2004~Neo Locus~
2004.08.20 ラメタン祭り 2004

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