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Guitar : KAZUI
Vocal : HIKARU [gone : 2006]
Guitar : Chihiro [gone : 2006]
Bass : Emiy [gone : 2006]
Drums : Fu-ma [gone : 2005]

IZABEL VAROSA's music could easily be compared to LAREINE's. Kamijo's influence is quite obvious in the romantic atmosphere and very melodic quality of their tracks. At the same time IZABEL VAROSA was more of a rock band, their songs were less pop than LAREINE's and their music contained more guitars.

Their songs were melodic and very catchy, and their lives energetic. For such a young band whose members hadn't really had much band-experience before, the professionalism and high quality of their sound and performance was definitely impressive.

In July 2004 two young guitarists -KAZUI and Chihiro- decided to create a band. Soon afterwards they were joined by the vocalist Hikaru and drummer Fu~ma (who, together with KAZUI, was a LAREINE roadie at the time) and in October IZABEL VAROSA officially began activity. Their first performance took place on the 13th and after that they continued to play energetic lives, during which they distributed an independently produced demo CD.

In January 2005 they were signed to Applause Records - LAREINE’s label. Even after creating IZABEL VAROSA both KAZUI and Fu~ma continued to be LAREINE roadies, so the two bands often performed together. And since IZABEL VAROSA’s style is not that different from their patron’s, they gained popularity amongst LAREINE’s fans.

In March Emiy’s band, Yuda, broke up, and he officially joined IZABEL VAROSA. In that same month they released their first maxi-single, Kyou. It was followed by a mini-album in June, a second maxi in October, and a special two-track single Imitation Mercy/Seasonal Wind distributed during lives.

On November 15th the band held its first one-man concert in Holiday Shinjuku. Sadly, Fu~ma left the same day. They didn’t find a permanent replacement, but Enju (ex-miraleta) was their support drummer. Not having a full line-up didn’t discourage them. In June they released a new single, followed by a second mini-album accompanied by the band’s first PV in July.

Apparently all good things must come to an end, and in August, less than two weeks before the scheduled release date of their first full album, Hikaru, Chihiro and Emiy announced they were leaving the band after a one-man live at Holiday Shinjuku on September 3. The release of the album was cancelled.

2006-07-30: Justice CD + DVD mini-album
2005-06-09: Hikami no bigaku CD mini-album
2006-06-25: Juliet CD single
2005-10-13: Gekkou CD maxi-single
2005-03-14: sakebu kyo CD maxi-single
2005-00-00: Imitation Mercy / Seasonal Wind

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