Tuesday, May 5, 2009

バックドロップ零式 (Backdrop zeroshiki) Profile

(Backdrop zeroshiki)

Vo. 蓮月 -Haduki- (ex. GIFT)
Gt. 永遠 -Towa- (ex. Terror Club)
Gt. 慶 -Kei- (ex. Gokusai Film)
Ba. 悠 -Yuu- (ex. Bang-Doll)
Dr. 紘 -Hiro- (ex. GIFT)

Ex. Member:
Gu:輝夜 -Kiyo- (ex. DeflinaMa'riage)

2008.04.09 Live-Distributed
01. 苦悶式
02. 理創式

Tsukachi_chan’s note :
hwaa… the vocalist and drummer were ex-GIFT! I love GIFT! And also there were ex pf Bang Doll and Deflina Mariage! I like them too .. ^^.. (well, may be u all confused..there were so many vkei band I like! ^_______^)
But, unfortunately..I haven’t heard backdrop zeroshiki songs.. I’ll put this to my top list search! Hohohoho.. ^^..

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