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Black:List is a Japanese metal band, which decided to disband at January 8th 2009.

Vocal: 狂太郎-KYOTARO- (ex. √eight)
Guitar: 友蔵 -TOMOZO- (ex. Sulfuric Acid)
Guitar: AIKA (ex. Cuartet)
Drums: REI (ex. 弥叉)

Though Black:List, formed in 2007, is a pretty recent band, its members experience is rather impressive !

Around Tomozo (ex-Sulfuric Acid and Sequence Records manager), Kyotaro (vocals, ex-√eight), Aika (guitar) and Rei (drums) complete the line-up.

With its unique sound mixing a devastating strength and an extreme precision, a promising career lies ahead of their steps. Black:List is a touch of visual in the world of metal and it works perfectly !
Europe be ready, they have to be discovered immediately…

07.06.20 Sequence Records V.A CD『Deviant’s Struggle』- Genuine Malice (1 song)
07.06.15『DESPERATE』maxi-single (2 songs)
09.05.24 MELANCHOLY maxi-single (2 songs + PV)

07/09/18 Sequence SUMMIT LIVE DVD『0704272930』 (Genuine Malice live)
07/11/29 LIVE CLIP『07315920』(all released songs live)
07/06/29 ツアーダイジェストDVD『Clip Collections Of Histories 001』 - live distribution
07/09/20 ツアーダイジェストDVD『Clip Collections Of Histories 002』 - live distribution available

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