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Vocals: Nagi
Guitar: Motoki
Bass: Juya
Drums: U-ya

Started: 2004
Status: Disbanded T________T


The band was formed on October of 2004, and made its debut on December 31st on an event organized by the band Lareine. 2005 was a big year for the band. Their first single, "Taste the Pain 4U-Mary Gold-", was released on August 5th, 2005, and a few days later followed the single ŘU-Mary Gold-". In November 11, their song "Mary Gold" was featured on the compilation album "Shock Edge2005", and in the 29th of the same month their third maxi single was released, titled "WITH".

Their first release for 2006 came with their fourth maxi single, "Cube". March 14 saw the release of their first mini album, "Precious". After many successful lives and much acquired popularity, the band unofficially called it quits. They held their last live at Takadanobaba AREA in April 15, 2006 and "stopped activities". The band decided to released "Best of" 2 full length albums with previous tracks, a few new ones, and remixes. They were titled "Monologue" and "Epilogue".

Soon after Juya announced the beginning of his solo project, -qiche-., but in mid 2007 decided to step off the stage, and continue managing bands through his label. The band has still participated together in many shows as guest. Motoki began his solo project, Visui, in 2007. His first single, and second release, featured Nagi as vocal guest and Juya and U-ya as support members. He has held lives with the old band mates as support as well. U-ya continues to do support instrumentals for several other bands. Nagi has also worked on support, but hopes to return with his own project soon.


4U-Mary Gold- (special CD)
Taste the pain 4U-Mary Gold-
4U-Mary Gold-

Compilation Albums
Shock Edge2005

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