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[NEWS] In memmoriam : Jasmine You (ba, Versailles)

In Memmoriam : JASMINE YOU (ba, Versailles)
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10 August 2009 : URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT from Versailles official website

It's been reported that Jasmine You, despite having taken a break to rest due to his poor physical conditions, passed away during the first hours of August 8. As it's been a way too sudden event, all the members and the staff are still in a daze and are trying to accept the reality with all their strenght.

Details will be reported as soon as we get the consent of his family, but we expect all the fans to react with composure. In addition, all the previously announced activities have been currently postponed.

Tsukachi's note : I was very shock when i got the news from my friends.. Versailles is one of my favorite vkei metal bands! that's why i'm on hiatus for several weeks besides another reasons of my reality lifes which was sucks T_T.. the news was really shocked me.. >_<>

Several days before, on 2 August 2009, Versailles also posted news about Jasmine You. it said that Jasmine You is going to take a break from all his musical activities due to his poor physical conditions.

The whole band was planning to perform at the live event SCUBER DIVE '09 tomorrow as a secret guest, but since it's been impossible to cancel their appearance, Versailles are going to perform as a four member unit.

So, well.. today i'm posted Jasmine You's Profile.. in memmoriam : Jasmine You

Name: Kageyama Yuuichi 影山勇一
Stage names: Jasmine You, Yuu 勇
Birthday: March 8th
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture
Height: 15 mm
Weight: 5 gr
Bloodtype: B
Eyesight: 0.02 & 0.02
Shoe size: 25 cm
Clothing size: M
Hobbies: driving, motorsports, movies, watching swimming competitions
Special skill: magic tricks

Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Muse, Metallica, Megadeth, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Police, U2, Blur, Blanket Jet City, Radiohead
Perfume: Calvin Klein ETERNITY
Cars: FERRARI F430, F355, F40, F50, ENZO, Jaguar XKR-S, XJS, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S, BENTLEY Continental GT, Alfa Romeo Alfa GT, Lamborghini Murucielago
Manga: Patalliro
Word: beauty
Colours: black, red, white, gold, pink
Drinks: jasmine tea, energy drinks, collagen drinks

Jasmine You entered the visual kei scene after joining 雀羅-jyakura-, an indies band based in Nagoya that managed to become pretty succesful in the scene. After they disbanded in 2003, You decided not to join another full-time band and only played in some session bands.
In 2006 he was invited by his long-time friend HIZAKI to join his solo project, and in early 2007 he also took part to the theatrical rock show Node of scherzo.

According to some interviews, it looks like You has never been officially invited to join Versailles. He was hanging around with KAMIJO and HIZAKI a lot at that time and it just felt natural to have him in the band. In the indies days he was in charge of the business side of the band, having a lot of contacts with other musicians, shops and companies.

Jasmine's Bass : ESP HALIBUT
main bass since 2008
Body: Wenge, White Ash, Wenge Laminate
Neck: Hard Maple, Walnut, Paduak 7P
Grip Shape: V
Fingerboard: wENGE, 24frets
Radius: Compound (240-400R)
Scale: 35 inch (889mm)
Nut (width): Nickelsilver (46mm)
Fret: #214h
Inlay: MOP Dot
Joint: Bolt-on
Tuner: HipShot Ultralite
Bridge: HipShot Style "A" Brass
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Customshop Humbucker Single Coil
Control: Front Volume, Rear Volume, 3 Band EQ (ESP HALIBUT Original), Coil Split Switch, EQ Thru Switch

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