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Vocals/Chorus: Juka

Started: 2002
Status: Hiatus


Juka is a Japanese musician who started activities in 2002 as support vocalist for Mana’s (ex Malice Mizer) solo project, Moi dix Mois. During his time in the band, Moi Dix Mois released 3 singles, 2 full length albums, and 2 live DVDs. Moi Dix Mois also held many lives in Japan and in Europe. In April of 2005, Juka left Moi Dix Mois for issues between him and Mana.

Juka resurfaced as Hizaki Grace Project’s new vocalist in the end of 2006, just for the release of the project’s new album, "Dignity of Crest", released on January 1, 2007. While he continued activities with Hizaki’s project, Juka also announced the beginning of his solo project in February of 2007. With the help of Hizaki and Kamijo (ex Lareine) for music, he signed under Kamijo’s label, Sherow Artist Society. During his solo career, he successfully released 3 singles and 1 mini album, as well as performed with bands from Kamijo’s label and Kaya (ex Schwarz Stein) within Japan.

Juka was scheduled to begin a new band, named Seven Senses, with his old Moi Dix Mois band mate, Kazuno on Bass. These plans were abandoned. In December 12 of 2007, Juka made an announcement on his label site that he would stop all music activities due to health issues. Instead of creating a new band, Juka will release a best album titled "Seven Senses" with his entire solo discography and new tracks.

Seventh Sense

suimenka (live only distribution)
Saint Croix (plus DVD)

Node of Scherzo

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