Sunday, August 2, 2009

[BAND PROFILE] Deflina Ma’riage

Deflina Ma’riage 

Noise/Voice: Kyouka
Guitar: Tomo
Guitar: Kiyo
Bass: Aya
Drums: Koji

Started: 2006
Status: Active

Originally a session band formed by Kyouka (ex Aliene Ma’riage), Tomo (ex Deflower) and Aya (ex Missalina Rei) in March 2006 for a live at Holiday Shinjuku, Deflina Ma’riage went on to be a band in their own right. Three months after their first performance, in June, Kiyo (ex Aile) joined as the band’s second guitarist. They played a secret live in July of the same year and released their first single "Kuroki Hana, Shiroki to Kyoujin no Hanayome"through Undercode Productions on August 9th, which was limited to 3000 copies.

After a few months of playing live, Deflina Ma’riage released their second single ൕ~THIRTEEN GAME~", which was limited to 2000 copies, in September. At this time, the band’s drummer, Koji, also joined.

February 2007 saw the release of their first mini-album "The Ripper", which included Deflina Ma’riage versions of "Kuroki Hana" and "SUICIDE" (previously performed by Deflower/Noir Fleurir and Aliene Ma’riage respevtively). The band played their first one man live on March 25th 2007 and continue to play lives in venues such as Harajuku Ruido and Holiday Shinjuku.

Mini Album

Kuroki Hana, Shiroki to Kyoujin no Hanayome

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