Sunday, August 2, 2009


Vocal: Sakito
Bass: Kikasa
Guitar: Akira (support)
Guitar: Hiina (support)
Drums: Sazuki (support)

Started: 2004
Status: Disbanded

【FIGURe:】 was formed in 2004 by former Due’le Quartz members Kikasa and Sakito. Their music is alot like Due’le Quartz. Their first single release was "Kashikoi dorei no orokana sentaku" on March 26, 2005. A month later, they release their second Maxi, "Made in Kanojo.". Also, "" was released shortly after, but was only available at their concert at Shibuya O-West. Later in July, they released the 2nd press of �gKashikoi dorei no orokana sentaku�h, which also contains a PV.
In August due to problems that Sakito had (with family apparently), the band had to perform without him. Even though they stated the situation was temporary Sakito officially left, and the band shortly disbanded thereafter.

Kashikoi Dorei no Orokana Sentaku
Made in Kanojo
Kashikoi Dorei no Orokana Sentaku 2nd Press

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